#clansonly.wars new channel need your help to start !

Hello !

I've come to tell you about a new ET match find channel (created yesterday just before midday)

This channel isn't 6on6.et or 3on3.et's copy ! We knew that many people were bored to play against mixes when they said no mix or clansonly on IRC so we decided to create a channel devoted in CLANSwars only (train or offi)

clansonly.wars is now opened since yesterday, and we were surprised by your support in pvtmsgs, or in the channel so we can say that this idea isn't so bad !

Make it alive by add to your perform and if you really want to help us let's try /amsg we try to develop the concept of ET nomix/clansonly match find channel, help us in #clansonly.wars please need support (add to favs)


we need some more really active admins /q YkNg

CU there ! #clansonly.wars
nice idea :)
.. wont work..
Agree, but it´s a nice idea.
worst shit after etace
great concept, gl to us and the chan!
" we were agreeably surprised by your support in pvtmsgs"

they're attempting to use advanced english and failing
it's possible lol my english isn't perfect i'm sorry :p !
" we were agreeably surprised by your support in pvtmsgs"

if you take the 'agreeably' out of that sentence then that would make it more understandable :)
i dont see any problems with the original wording
my english isn't so bad ? ;D

are you kidding? :D

in summary, "It's not so good Al."
you don't see anything wrong with the original sentence?

" we were agreeably surprised by your support in pvtmsgs"

now to most english people it is easy to understand what he's saying (although it's a bad sentence) but it's quite obvious that the agreeably does not belong there
you can be surprised in a bad way so its valid to specify that it was agreeable..

havent you ever heard someone say pleasantly suprised :]
yes but not agreeably surprised :D
it follows the rules, so it's valid english
it's not valid english if it's not in context :)
youre not an english teacher are you :d
it wont help
Nice idea!
i don't get how it would work but the concept is nice :)
nice idea, because i am actually bored with playing vs those mixes :o
Good idea , im bored to play agaist a mixes i approuv it .. <3 yoking
why not to search "no mix" ??
yea, that works almost as good as 'no hackers', 'no polish' and other shit.
that's why you either kick the opponent or leave their server :l
gtfo LOL

nice idea, but I'd really like to know how u control it that mixeds won't search for games :o)
agreed with spir<3
i think its not about control.

clans that like to play pracc wars vs. clans, can idle there and the chance to find a clan might be bigger.
right timen
Maybe I missed something, but what's really the difference compared to #6on6.et?
Many ppl claim to be clans there as well although they are mixeds, so why wouldn't same happen in here?
Hmm...because at that new channel there will be more 'real' clans than mixxed :p

Well...let's see how it works.
most of the guys playing mixeds play in some real clans as well

I like your initiative and hopefully it works though :)
I smell fail
i smell lowskill
I smell GTFO
i smell an agressive attitude
not gonna work dyyd
Its not gone fail if you guys just only idle with your clan so clan's can practise or do officials you know.

And don't say EPIC Fail cause the only failur that is here is you(6)!

'backing you up YkNg but now the flame against me will begin:D!'
Nice idea gL
Kinda useless since pretty much everyone will just lie to be a clan, because they desperately want to have war fast. If you want clan vs clan, you just have to say one magic word in the end; "offi"

I'd rather have a match channel where people aren't allowed to idle, but only search a war. Then by joining the channel you could actually see if there is anyone to play with (as in night time it can take longer than hour to get a war). Wouldn't be that hard to do either...automated bot kick after 5 min idle in the channel.
whats the problem in playing against mix?
won't work

1) Mixes can easily look for wars in this chan too and they could even look for "6o6 med+ clansonly" for example.

2) There are hardly any decent wars/opponents in ET too, it sometimes takes up to 30min to get a decent opponent. If you split the community even more it will be even worse. Imo ppl just won't switch chan but stick with #6on6.et
whats bad in mixes?
they r evil >:)
ppl are just gonna put on a fake tag imo
o.0 nice

But im cless now -.-
lol :p cu there if you find a clan :p
nice idea Am on it now ^-^
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