No Gun Sway Mod (bug remover)

Some of you might have noticed even since COD4 arrived that there exists a bug that makes you, well... not hit where you aim. Its been figured out that it's because of the swaying motion the weapons now have. For further discussion and proof take a look in this thread from IW's official forum.
To go through it fast, in COD2 all weapons had sway on, but it was set to 2 when you aim down the sight, you can hardly notice it, but if you look you'll see it, moving about 2 pixels side to side and up and down.
Now in COD4, for some reason the sway was upped for all weapons, the extremes being many weapon at 40, (that's a 2000% increase) the AK47 and M4 for example are there. This means its more like a 40x40 pixel box the weapon sways in, this would be all fine etc, IF you'd hit where there iron-sight was... this however is not the case. As you can see in the thread. You might yourself have been a "victim" of this bug, but thought it was a bad server, bad reg etc.

This mod fixes the bug, by removing the sway completely.. the only downside with this mod is that it is a client side mod, dosnt seem to be possible to make it server side.

If you wanna try out a server with it on:

Here the links
Mirror #1
Mirror #2
Mirror #3
Mirror #4
Mirror #5

Just add the IWD into your PAM folder on the server, make sure allowdownload is on so ppl who join the server can download it.

Until IW fixes the bug it would be preferably to start using this as a standard to promote aim and skill over random and luck.
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thx for saving us
ppl on the server are 2 low 4 me :(
how hardly does it affect on sniper? as I seem to miss awful lot even though when I have them right on target. and I nearly always get killed by the first shot.
well it affects the sniper probably in the same way as it does the other weapons... If you try it for yourself, just standing still, dont touch the mouse, and hold your breath, it still sways, even if its not much, it sways. In COD2 it became totally still when holding your breath.
put it in, its good
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