lagometer 1 or 2 xDDD

image: shot0001

This is /cg_lagometer 2 right, which is showing how stable youre PC is right?

some random ( w0nd3r ) say's that this guy has high ping "yes i lol'd" and wont believe this is /cg_lagometer 2 =]]]

Quotew0nd3r on 14/02/08, 18:03:18 PM | Reply


low ping -> less green
high ping -> much green

reason forum: » You cannot post two journals in a row that fast.
lol its 2 because u dont see the blue line in the top of the lagometer.. and ith u see the server ping :o its 2 !
Its 2 fo sho
from his cfg
cg_lagometer "2"
nice cfg:s x)
MY CFG =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
n1 fps ;XXX
capped to 71 nitwit :D
kno taht, 71 = lugerje only imo!
otherwise 125 for teh wIN!
nice config, nice graphic, nice resolution
retardest journal of the day. GRATZ!!!
ur not audioskillet anymore?
Thank you for zeh journal!
The upper graph (blue/yellow) slides one pixel for every rendered frame. Blue lines below the baseline mean that the frame is interpolating between two valid snapshots. Yellow lines above the baseline mean the frame is extrapolating beyond the latest valid time. The length of the line is proportional to the time.

The lower graph (green/yellow/red) slides one pixel for every received snapshot. By default, snapshots come 20 times a second, so if you are running >20 fps, the top graph will move faster, and vice versa. A red bar means the snapshot was dropped by the network. Green and yellow bars are properly received snapshots, with the height of the bar proportional to the ping. A yellow bar indicates that the previous snapshot was intentionally suppressed to stay under the rate limit.
image: asdya9 is it a good sign if lagometer is like this most of the time? :x
nice resolution.. 640 x 480
i have used it for 4 months now and i have to say it fucking owns
Its normal, the only thing you can do to 'improve' your lagometer is by running 100fps / 100 MP, that way it will be the most smoothest.
btw i have had some fps lag-problems lately... it comes always ingame (not when viewing a demo for example) and I have stable 100fps but there is some kind of SPIKES so fps drops to 20 for a 0,5 seconds and i cant move xhair (mouse isnt shutting down) These spikes come when I have played for a while and they last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes or so... Today when the lagging started I tried lagometer 2 and there was red lines like this:

image: vittusaatanabn2

Do you have any idea what's the problem? :( My harddrives are almost empty, I have runned CCleaner and Ad-Aware and done defragging but it still continues. Last time I formatted my pc was 3 months ago.. Could it be the hardware somehow? :x My pc is 3 years old and I have never taked a sneak peak inside :D *dusty*

(That screenshot is from demo and I got that red line by minimizing ET few times quickly... Ingame there is a lot more red and yellow lines)
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Mine is only yellow sometimes. :-X
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