Godverdomme Panzerfaust - RtCW Movie

Good evening,

the movie 'Godverdomme Panzerfaust' is now released. If you wanna download it follow this link:


This movie shows a collection of Panzerfaust frags done by different
well-known players like conker, seskapil, reznap, d0dy, merlinator,
silentdeath and some more. It took us (Bewohner & me) almost the time of a year to
fit 66 scenes together to this almost 25 minutes long movie. I hope it was the time worth.

With this RtCW-Collection, I would like to thank the RtCW-Community for
all the years in the past, positive but also negative, and ending my
time as an active gamer with one laughing and one crying eye.

Enjoy, and goodbye

Bruder Talon
downloading it now, expecting it to be good :D but with you and bewohner making it, it should be

edit: Was a pleasure to watch ;)
United States of America silentdeath?
yes the american one
no its the yerman one , dFw*
i was jokin, never heard of him
Downloading, you should post this in the movie section though.
nice downloading... put it in the newssection here too
I did. Thanks for the tip. :)

... oops wrong one.. I posted the movie at the movie page.
:> i started learning with your (or bewohners) tuts @ planetwolfenstein^^
hehe :) yeah, Bewohner spent soooo much time for it. I did my first steps with his tutorial and planet-wolfenstein.de - movieforum. But many times I went the easy way and called him if I had some questions. Easy way for me. Much work for him. :D
ye... now with these new tutorials and alot of programms its alot easier to make a movie :) + i got nice pc now to record at nice graphic + high fps so all fine^^
nice download speed! 990kb/s TY LORD
hey talon :) nice 2 see u still being around

dling right now
Guten tag Cedric :)
Still playing ?
Hey Qno, long time no see. The few times I was in irc you were off. So you are still gaming. Enjoy it! :)
became more of a casual player.
so gaming every now and then but mostly public.
Hey Sesk,

with your demos I could do a 24 hours movie. ;-) Damn, that was much!
Lol I know :<

Well, if you have any time, one day, feel free to make my own spam movie ;)

Anyway, good job, and nice movie, I rly enjoyed it
why do people keep zipping/rarring movie files, it's useless!

I don't need a fucking text file with my movies.
Can you please send me the textfile back? ;-) hehe. Avoid Garbage! :D
this is such a fucking ace movie
liked it :)
Very nice movie imo, i give it a 10!

<space reserved>
you are a good moviemaker
but you chose the wrong game - and resolution
and some frags are shown too many times
edit nr. xxx:
and i absolutelly dislike the effect used at the song placebo - song to say goodbye
A game you prolly never played competitivly
but well, i already played it, and getting good panzerkills is quite easy in comparison with et
maybe thats (i'm refering to the fact that i never really was inside the rtcw scene) why i dont like rtcw movies that much, because i dont know any of the clans shown in this movie, and probably its something like nostalgic (does this word exist?) to you, but it cant be for me.
nice lolling
Ik denk dat jij aan het volgende dacht toen je deze comment plaatste:

"waar de fuck heb je het over kkballhair.."
you, sir, are a retard
This movie wasn't really nostalgic for me, because 80% of the frags were made in 05/06.

To get ontopic:

I think the movie is fine, but didn't like the repeating of _every_ frag and the synchronisation with _every_ beat. I like it when the music is synced, but this was too much in my opinion :)
agreed with the last two lines.
its like...well, somehow its just confusing how the camera zooms in at every beat..
but i have already written that above :)
nice movie!
VERY f*cking nice movie! :o)
well done!
really enjoyed watching the entire movie, apart from one small flaw: showing frags twice/too long.
and you really should ve asked fro for demos :>
and d0dy at lotto panzers only!!!! <3 :p
was fun to play against you ppl!
He did ask on Warleagues forum monthes ago, before the hack... :<
oh...didn't know that, thought he contacted the ppl in person
well, fro seems to have disappeared since falx stoped playing the game
he had alot of great frags, too bad noone will see em then :(
I asked him for demos. I think he saved his demos for the falx movie. :/
ow :(
would you be motivated for another project? :D
;-) You really need an answer?
depends on what the answer is!
but i guess you need a break now? :)
yeah, I need a break. That will be a very long break. ;-) Game over for me.
well, ggs & bb then! :)
Niiiiice <3

Downloading !
i'm not in it! what a shame! :<

edit: anyway, very nice movie indeed, with nice frags and great music/game syncro ;>
Great movie dude!
damn this movie is amazing :D
Nothing wrong with the repeating, its really nicely done, good job guys! Thx for the memories!!
amazing movie, and i am disappointed that i wasnt in rtcw skene.
Nice movie :)
Awesome movie bruder.
good job am proud of u :D
+ RtCW
+ Panzerfaust
+ Nostalgia
+ Lots of gibs
+ Original editing
+ 'Technical' audio syncing
+ Not boring
+ Bloopers

- Perceived FPS of the actual in-game footage (not the transitions/effects), perhaps a slight motion blur was in order
- Some PowerPoint transitions
- Permanent eye damage due to excessive use of synced bloom effects near the end
- Making me miss RtCW even more than I already did
Nice one :)
and omg what a area off effect with panzer on rtcw o0

still sad that such nice games die :(
Just like the previous movies you made with Bewohner, i enjoyed watching this movie alot.

Nice movie config, great editing & effects, the way the frags were synched with the movie and just the general flow & feel of the movie impressed me.

I actually liked the slow buildups to the frags, with the slow-motions, panz cams and the replays. But i guess thats just a matter of personal preference.. :)

Its easy to see that it took you a lot of time & effort to make this movie and the end result must be very rewarding.

A good way to say goodbye to RtCW in style.
1600KB nice dl!
great movie. like it! :D
nice movie
I really liked "Random Spam" by Nizou, as far as RTCW panzer movies go.
well done bruder m8, nice movie :)
I missed this - dl'ing ;]
very nice, much more well rounded! :)

my frags did not have enough replays ohmygod, but I liked the 'Hail to the King' so Ill let you off! ;)

I do hope this is not goodbye in terms of movies. :)
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