independent x-axis/y-axis

Is it possible to have different sensitivity for x-axis and y-axis with mx518? Setpoint doesn't show any settings for it, but somehow I remember that it was possible, or is it just for razer and G5 mice?
dunno who it was but some1 had x and y with setpoint with his mx 518 i believe... but i might be wrong..
o ok , then i was right
try to download the latest drivers and check if is working. or maybe try to use the setpoint from g5 with mx518 drivers.. dunno.. :D
I downloaded latest version of setpoint ;-)
There is the m_pitch command in et. Dont try to set lower than 0.0150001, ull get kicked afaik.
u fail @ funneh
No it's true, join to a server and try. I promise, you wont be kicked by punkbuster.
no shit sherlock.
stop the dumb sarcasm cuz it aint funneh
Iz's so good to annoy you.
how about 0.0150000000000000000000001? it's lower... soz i won
Guess what, i can say lower.
G7 does have it @ setpoint :X!
it's ****, don't use it :')
listen to pr0?

What is shit btw. Setpoint? or independent x/y-axis?
both, i played 2 years without setpoint :P
he is lieing cuz then nobody cant reach his super aim!!!
It is possible by editing some xml-file inside the setpoint installation directory. If you want to know exactly what file and stuff, contact me on irc when im on ;p
check tutorial about using razer drivers :D u have option of setting x/y axis there :D
well from setpoint change dpis for y and x :d

here you go
but i would not use it if i were u
" xset m 1 100" but i guess u use the wrong os for that.
g5 has it @ setpoint
Ronner, it's not possible with the old MX518

With the new one it is possible :<
since around 2 weeks i can do it with my mx518 but just with the newest firmware and newest driver i guess (bought it 2 weeks ago again)
those are the new mx518 versions. i have an older one.
i had same problem with x and y axle but after months of using this configuration [X: 2000, Y: 850!dpi] i set it back to 2000 x 2000. it is very important to be capable of moving your crosshair up and down fastly
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