b1bub4bu in teh house

yo everyone. I am clanless. I kinda left (talked with leader) rGaming cuz i was backup. Its hard to be backup if ur active. ( i am online every day only some fridays and saturdays maybe not if i got party)

So i want this from you:

- Be active
- Be med/+ skilled
- No kids (i am not saying i hate kids its just u cant rly joke with them)
- Play alot official

What i offer you:

- online every day
- nice attitude
- lot of joke on vent
- Sexy voice (not, but ppl say my voice is funny)

That is all folk. Cao
1st (so others wont say that o_O)

edit: ah shit he beat me
lot of joke on vent... hmmzzzz they better be good then
i hope. till now i think it was ok. its not only me. The all team need to be mature :)
best nick ever, seriously.
u wont belive but i like it to :D
gl? >:D
Hahaha wtf!? No kids and your 15 yourself? If you define beeing 15 year old NOT beeing a kid, what does my age qualify me for then? Pension?
srry u didnt understand good. I ment :

no kid attitude.

tnx for ur understanding
Ok, I guess I do understand.
just accept it...ur already decomposing :p
havent i played with you? :P
Goodluck B1bub4lu, very nice player, hes very funny :D, He's like high+++++++

Whattafack why u left rGaming :o?

Goodluck mate <3
hey m8 tnx :D well i left cuz i was backup and i am so active its hard to be backup :)
Ye i know, i've been backup in many clans aswell :x
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