is cless !

So ,since my old clan mates moved into WOW . I am in need of new clan ,where I could play 3-5times per week ( usually 3 times ,cause I got icehockey training 2 times per week !)

About me !
-I am 17years old Finlander who can also talk english and swedish
-I can play Rifle or medic/fop/panzer.
-ex-clans in my profile

About you :
-Stable clan/lineup and active clan who is playing in cups,ladders etc
-somehow skilled

Feel free to pm me @ QnE
Gl Ki-pe! :)
gl publicpwnerboy ;)
Gl Kipe :) was nice to play with you in 5K
gl highskillah rakas
GL ex-tiimliiderzör
I can play guitar if u want so
GEELII HANIPÖÖ<333333333333333333333333333333333333333 :-)
gl teuvaboi
Gl , we're not med+ but we're stable and we're sharing a lot of funnies on vent :-] for more infos !
gl kipsu
geeäl kipsu!!
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