i need an active 6v6 clan.

my skill is around mid, been playing since ET came out.
havnt really been playing in any of the "skilled" clans, so guess im kinda unknown.

anyway, what i want is a active stable 6v6 clan, with some nice ppl "NO KIDDIES!"
well at least not wajning ones ;)
im avi from 18.00-02:00 sunday-thursday.

pm me here or on #kapow!
#st0ners is recruitin
didn't you leave massacre with reason that you quiting ET >again<?
i left massacre, cause we where a brand new team, and after 1 month we only had tacs on sd/gr, witch we still had to make sure all knew before playing a scrim.(even tho we played almost every night)
dont wanna waste my time, doing the same tacs over and over again cause some ppl was slacking (no offence)
as far as i know you never complained about nothing. Gl tho
Held og lykke Degg7 :D
hej hej deggy :d skal vi gå i #Lotus igen :P:P ?
kunne være meget skægt ;)
du er en vidunderlig mand <3
jeg være færdig med dansk :d og jeg kan snakke smukke dansk xD
gl degster!

nice guy good player!
naijs edit
olol waz u in Lotus :d ?
they never kicked me :o i left couse i was joining 1p Oneplay
hahah :d du er en bøsse !
lol :d bøsse means gay in danish ;)
danish - icelandic - sweedish = very much the same or well icelandic is the hardest language i think but sweedish and danish is nearly same just the sweedish ones sing the language when the danish ppls talk like they have a potato in they'r mouth :d
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