Blue wants some activity

hey guys, I'm looking for a new clan since I've been inactive in heartbreakers.

[+] can talk Dutch & English
[+] quite skilled (decide for yourself what skill I am, if I make a guess med+ or higher)
[+] want stable & serious clan

clanhistory: Heartbreakers most of the time ,HP,Team13 and S3.

pm me in #saevus and #</ or here on CF

/spoiler: yes, the post is mostly the same as Nakato's ^^
gl, pwner!
cool nickname
I am blue dabadidabada
dabadi dabadai dabadi dabadai....
i have a blue house with a blue window .. *singin*
why #saevus :D ?
bcuz of feuer ofc ^^
Sweden -swe-blue- aka iN-care ?!?!?
[+] can talk Dutch & English

unless that guy could speak dutch, no
I liked team13
"you're my boy blue"
gl to you mate, he's skilled & nice guy! take him fast :-)
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