plz wanna play wars!!

hi there i know yea its me again but i can't seem to find a team! And i don't wanna start one because idon't have time for playing 24/7.

bout me AGAIN:

skill: med-
avi: from 23.30 until 02.00am( i know its late but i can't help it its my job)
plz somebody give me a 3v3 team or something i can play wars with :'(

pmme here or irc@ #m8d

ok thnx alot dude :)
hehe good night :)
it seems you have find your new home!
with the Zashi tag? :DDD
cuz i see that sometimes with xfire friends :p
I want to play wars as well, QUAKE Wars that is :P
Gll <333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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