CDC4 - ETTV Demos

I finally added all demos I could get and crossreference to matches to the download database.
In total that are 39 matches. Unfortunately thats not all matches there were and not even all matches that were covered BUT it comes close.

If you still have ettv demos of matches which are listed on gtv (without demo download) flying around, just pm me here or on irc and I'm happy to add them.

Demo Downloads

Update: Thanks to Germany Der Haase I added another 3 matches.
guarda e impara...
online only
Deleted journal and sticked topic.
how can i watch the .tv_84 :o
LoL, where can I get that thing in your profile which show the latest visitors :D
i asked him too^^
lookup the image generation code, and those signitures that show information about people, it's not hard to code for yourself even without knowledge of php
Hardest part is finding a host. :)
wd ;>
really nice. thx!
elo skooli! :>
Thank you!
very nice stuff....
going to look the matches i havent seen live last weekend see u later bb
Big cookie for skooli !
thanks skooli you are a true online hero!
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