always gets kicked (cod4)

after some other problems (cod4 didnt react anymore[only the multiplayer]) and now it works again but after i joined a server 4playing some random team-deathmatches i get kicked :o
with that reason:
image: heeai1

need help :((

EDIT: fuc kthe damn "kabeldeutschland" company >.< after i had to search for new channels to watch tv i get one new and miss one, and next round i miss something else, first i lost rtl2 now dsf than kabel1 and n24 and got dmax damn shit >.<'
run as admin?
yes, it worked the hole time, but now it crashed and didnt work a week... and now it works again BUT with that shitty failure ...
wtf :XD
ask ch0wn3d
keep ignoring pm's? :{
you are running some illegal programs
windowblind is an illegal program? :o nice 2 know :/
well i got kicked @ ET cause of the same error and i had hotkeys running in the background...
you got vista oO ?!?
yeah :(( sucks or? :D
jup der fehler kommt aber wegen vista den gibt es auch in ET
wieso gings vorher noch? :((( un in et habsch keine probs :o
a mate has the same, dunno what he did but he managed to fix it in a few mns, know that steam/pc reboot didnt work though :P heard something about launching PB differently or something ;(

soz can't help more
can u ask ur mate? :o would be really nice <3
well pm'd him on IRC but he seems afk, should be around this night so if you can't resolve it untill just send me a PM trough crossfire
thx <33 gonna do this :)
yerman hax, die pls
no hax. cod4 kicks him because he is to low :)
just a joke <3
hope so <3
wearing hat in the house
selfbust :D
Habe mal ein wenig recherchiert...also hab 2 Lösungen auf die schnelle gefunden...einmal kanne san Steam liegen...aus dem Autostart rausnehmen und neustarten...oder an Punkbuster
Das ist der Link für ein manuelles Update,probiers mal...hat bei einigen geholfen
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