Looking for... (blubb)

... Newsposter and more.

We, Germany Vicious and Evil, are always looking for talented people that could contribute and help the Team to grow as a community. We would like to give you a chance to be a part of it by contributing with your knowledge and skills. This is what we are currently looking for:

Writers / Interviewers:
We are looking for talented people who know the gaming scene and have the time to dedicate themselves to the job. We need people for the following Jobs:
- Scene news
- Coverage news
- Featured news
- Articles
- Interviews

Especially for Warcraft 3: DotA, Call of Duty 4, ET: Quakewars and CS 1.6

To apply send an e-mail to swine@viciousandevil.com with the subject "Job application" with the following details:
- Name:
- Age:
- Nick:
- Country:
- Past experiences as a Coder/Graphics artist/News writer

Contact us:
IRC: #vae ( Quakenet )
ICQ: 330764567
Mail: swine@viciousandevil.com

seriously your site is shit, it doesn't even load
life is shit, thank god we have crossfire!
agree, f*cking page!

gl sprungschwein! ;)
Best of luck
the only thing i could not have made better is the banner..so gl
what happend to adi(zz)
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