big problem with the latest movies is the sky,after u add levels,glow,contrast etc. the sky becomes white and it's impossible to see the console.
Is there any way to make the sky(only)blue?
maybe i shouldnt add colors at all,great solution
adding colors won't make your sky white, unless you suck. might be that your rendering settings suck, might be that you're just doing it wrong and overbrightening or whatever.
you think no one else has tweaked colors before? and still here we are with movies that have visible console
use uvmmod or whatever it was to get outlined fonts, maybe then it's better
hv uever tried to add glow?it makes the sky whiter
the outlined font would do fine i think,how do i outline the font?
well, like i said, glow is so overused you shouldn't really use it for longer periods of time where it would actually make the console visibility irritating.

and as I said, you can outline the font with uvmoviemod
"and as I said, you can outline the font with uvmoviemod "
how? :/
I don't remember the exact command. Read the manual / readme and look for the outline command.
i think you have added glow 'white highlights' and bcuz atleast on supply the sky is pretty bright it makes the sky glowing and it then becomes white :)
@ AE
no white highlights there-you add it by yourself

the probem is that i cant add the amount of glow that i want to cuz the sky becomes white,so maybe it's possible to add only on some places and not on the whole thing :/
I talked to madscientist and he said i need to do somth with the map's pk3 didnt rly understand him tho he said its quite simple ^^
thats why i do my popups at photoshop ;)
hYpe did his popups @ photshop and he had the same problem.
I've seen a pic of urs in which the sky are unnaturaly blue how do u do that?

how did u change the sky's color?
etbot V9.31
ahah amazing.. rly old screenshot. Well this is a test with diferent sky texture (same that superboy used at twk movie). But my color correction hads some kind of blue layer only at the top to make the sky more blue.
You can lower the contrast of sky in photoshop, then make a .pk3 ,or make a pk3 with other skywith it, or, you can mask only the wanted part to glow.
you r the second that says that.can u be more specific?
Ok, so go to etmain, and extract the file called pak0.pk3. After unpacking go to folder pak0\textures\skies_sd0\ and pak0\textures\skies, there you have the skies used ingame, open them with photoshop, do color correction, and save them, then do a backup of pak0.pk3 , and in the old pak0.pk3 replace the folder skies and skies_sd with the ones you have edited.
thx i'll try

Edit:I dont hv supply's sky there :o
hmm, skies_sd I guess there should be the sky
i hv there only the 6 basic maps
there are no skys of sd,b4 etc
then suppy is using one of these.
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