cod4 hitboxes

Ever wondered, how the fuck is it possible, that I shoot at someones head, and game does not detect the hit ?
If yes, take a look at these 2 demos
of course it's possible, it's cod4...

just gonna have to live with it or play another game
Thats why they released a gunsway / snipersway fix.
sniperfix doesnt help much, same goes for nosway, and there are dozens of servers that dont contain these fixes.
Play on a decent cod4 public. But public does suck tho.
Most clans use the fix and ive found its easier to hit people.
My last 4 pcw had no sniperfix :(.
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yeah crap head boxes!
any good S&D servers you have m8?tdm sux man :(
its not like you need much body's shoots to kill someone ...
Its polish youtube no woder ...
like ET??!
cod4-what scuuuuuuse meh? does this thing has hitboxes?
Like that doesn't happen in everygame?

polish YouTube no woder why
its like cod4 has hitboxes.. PIXELS
Yeah it's true the hitboxes at any call of duty game suck thoug

you just have to live with it
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