ET at QCon 2008

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'The early bird catches the worm!' is just what Poland Michal 'kot' Staszewski must have been thinking after he finished his mandatory scavenger hunts on the Polish countryside. One of Enemy Territory's most infamous players has taken it upon himself to represent our community in the quest for ET at QuakeCon 2008.

For all those of you that can (or can't) remember Estonia u96d's dominance in 2005 or the highly acclaimed community-picked team of Anonymous all stars attending in 2006 - this is your chance to make a difference once again! Head over to the QuakeCon forum and express your support for the game we all love to hate!

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for sure! you got my vote :b
cba to register, but you got my vote!
Can't register because it doesn't show the pictures.
qcon with 3 teams ? :XD
Like more teams would attend ET:QW tournament!
not gonna happen, I predict ET:QW competition @ consoles and quake live
consoles? doubt thats ever gonna happen at qcon:D
id software also makes games for mobile phones now, times are changing :P
do u know something more about open beta release date?
im talking about quake live ofc.
QW sucks. It will never happen.
Seeing it already happened (ET:QW competition at Quakecon 2k7) you couldn't be more wrong.
and remember it as failing?

So get over it. QW is shit.
I prove you are wrong, and you're next argument is apparently that it failed and its dead, pathetic response.

Like I said in another topic, ET:QW Pro is very much alive, Splash Damage is working on another patch and the console versions will be released soon, pretty much signs of the game being alive.
Splashdamage may be alive. The community isnt. Look active player lists. Even d. left the scene due to the fact that there inst enough events and the scene is quite dead.

Dignitas are playing Frontlines Fuels of War - no comment.

Active player lists - I think its rather subjective to judge a game you don't even play based on how many people are actually playing the game. Besides, 12000 active players is enough to fill 500 24 player servers - so I can't say the player count is low enough to call it dead.
the competitive scene is.
Again a subjective reply - if you cant come up with anything else its useless discussing with you.
Et is dead is subjectiv aswell.

But QW is dead is a fact.
Both games are alive in their own ways I guess.
We dont play nothing atm ! .
Blame reload for signing up with team name "Dignitas.ETQW"!
i got 3 posts total on that forums
once a year im going there to give my voice for et!
going to register! <3 frop

cu lan! :>
my acc from last year does not exist anymore :o
gonna re-register
butchji will pwn mAus
like it could be possible :XD
:D:D:D::D:D your dream will become true!
no way :P because mAus at lan = or even better that online. Butchji at lan = way lower that online :\
ye it was sarcastic :p i mean then you can laugh @ him again or smth xP
Do any of the current EC teams have the resources to send a squad to Quakecon?

Sure you could send an Allstar team again, to play against 3 Americans who recruited their girlfriends to make up the numbers.

yes. impact.
Doubt any Americans will be able to fly to Texas for it, most of them cheat anyways! Most likely all locals will make teams and blow, low- skill. US doesn't have high skilled players anyways :(
pedo protection
do like me. Randomize :D
my first guess was right x)
fatgames sponsorship is adequate to cover that?!
if it is what krosan says it is then they could send them to qcon every week

even if they never get any prizemoney from it
finally managed to register :x
The activity of the NA scene would probably hinder ET's bid for Quakecon.
in ET:QW there would be at least some multigaming organisations that are able to pay the trip...
Guess how fast they would switch if ET would be played.
guess as fast as in 2005 and 2006 ...

but maybe toss would get some money together to send at least a "crossfire-team"...
I suppose there will be teams like KiH going on their own.
oh so we already got 2 teams ! n1 !
:D Do you really believe there would be more than three ET:QW teams from Europe at Qcon?.
Noise ET is alive :D
realy n1ce job!!!!!!!!!! ET 4 EVER!!
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and havent got email yet
nicee !!!
haha, I don't even remember making an account on that site, but seemingly I had it from previous years :)

u got my vote
Nice. :D
if there is another Quakecon, I would come there for sure =)
do not try to act like a progamer, you are still that old Term!te who doesnt have a clue of anything.
hahaha :D:D:D
They closed the thread :<
i am not allowed to post a reply the closed it :<<<<<<<
maybe now they've closed it they're possibly taking it into consideration
I hope they are :) ET > ET:QW. Can't wait till RtCW2 comes out!!
"I think we get the idea, now quit spamming the board." :-D
dnt really think most of the et-qw teams would get given that much
its closed :<<<
cant sign up xDDD
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