*UPDATE* GAMEHACK explanation

It's pretty much obvious now, but anyway, here's a bit more info about this shyt.

First of all, the GAMEHACK #80332 is not a bug by itself and according to the person I've spoken to, that specific kick is actually a detection of rsHook or to be more precise, one of its files - aimbot1.menu

How punkbuster works these days?
I can't claim this to be 100%, but they are most likely going through every running application's memory and are then looking for known hack patterns.

Anyway, the way GAMEHACK bans are done is the following: PB detects that specific file (aimbot1.menu) and its contents, so all they had to do is paste some lines from the file to an IRC channel you're idling on and when PB scans mIRC.exe's memory - it finds the pattern and you're getting kicked.

An example of a string PB is looking for: *code here*

/msg #crossfire *code here*

And everyone who will play anytime whilst that mIRC session is running will get kicked.

What they posted all over the irc:
*removed by admin*


After talking to kaiz, we've remembered that there is also virtual memory used, called swap.

So here's a little update to meez' solution: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/archive/community/columns/tipsfortechs/dlpgfile.mspx?mfr=true

After enabling this option in registry, the swap file will be cleared whenever you shutdown windows.

To make sure everything is clean, reboot it and join an ET server without irc running.

Unfortunately, there is no other real solution to this because the next time someone posts it anywhere, you will have to reboot again. :(
kind of strange pb :S it rly sux
Seems a reasonable argument, but need punk buster to comment!
lol nice
old since LATvsGER NC match.
pb and their shitty pnkbstra system got owned? ahahhahahahhaahaahaha
thank you nC, one of the funniest day in my 'ET-life' xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
lol et players with their excuses :)
could happen in ETQW too as it is also a punkbuster supported game... pb's just crap...
just close irc and erase your logfiles if you want to play.
I think it wont scan for logs.. only that temporary memory what your irc client uses for logs.. :)
how to delete this logs? Where are this logs (files) ?
but i use IRC on my laptop and ET on my desktop, yet i still got kicked after numerous spamming sessions on IRC. Tho i admit some1 did send me the rifle aim protection shizzle on msn does that also work? :D
told u wat your prob is......expect knocking on door tonight!!!!
shhh u werent ment to say!
made my day
omfg if it's true then pb's detection system really sucks ass.
delete ETKEY.. because punkbusted doesnt work with etpro guids... could help.... lets see
This makes sense, it's obviously a bug and netcoders do what they announced to do. Now Punkbuster should make a statement soon as well as a fix in some kind because this bug makes the game unplayable.
All player ET is busted nice ^^
oops, my bad, read > me :X
Wow, if this is really true... PB sucks arse..
.avi or it's not true
so what does /msg #crossfire "aimbot" do?
provide fun for lots of people
that's good cos i typed it
you are definitely the first to try this.
have i failed badly now?
not as much as pb fails every day since lots of years
You may ask which retard wrote this gamehack shit?

Well, actually it was Norway zodiac, thanks for beeing a retard and posting this in #crossfire and #6on6.et to get a few hundred people kicked >_<

Please someone write a short mirc script to ignore everything related to it. And please someone explain pb they are retarded.
I rly hope that it isn't working for cod4, et:qw, etc. as well because then you have to buy the game again?!
Script wouldn't work. For the line to be checked and ignored, it has to pass through memory.
i think i posted it hour ago before him in these channels >8D
Nah not really, just after a lot of others did aswell :D
Anyway, I got kicked without having IRC open.. So dunno if thats the reason
i got kicked because a retard (and thats u) posted it in #crossfire and #6on6.et, congratz.
No, blame dunno! (above my comment)
but, you can have logs from irc in your mirc folder without having mirc open.. dunno!?!? nvm
Its not IRC two of my mates got kicked twice without IRC open at all.
I want to play, not see other players getting kicked. :-<
pb should make sth coz ET will see the end soon becoz of that shit..
everyone who were not kicked yet!

1. delete all logs from c:/mirc/logs/quakenet
2.make sure u have mirc turned off while playing
3. GL :)
one friend of me was joking with logs and was sending me them over icq, what should i do?
i dont know man i only heared about irc logz and msn.
The log thing is shit tbh...at least it makes no sense as long u don't open it.
indeed... but 99% players open a pm to them right ?
I created a file called aimbot1.menu and wrote "Rifle Aim Prediction:" in it and got kicked after 2 mins for gamehack #80332 so what Fried Fish Tail is true.

gg punkbuster
Eehmm cool :D
So thats why i got heart attack and my friend was just lauhing in vent -.-
true, I pasted this stuff with rifle aim and immediately got kicked for GAMEHACK :D
^what a bunch of morons
Doesn't work on Linux huzzah!
nothing works on linux! Huzzah!
are you sure you understood the content of the post ?
image: yessssssssssss

wohooooooooooo :D
isto tu haha
you don't believe the people who make punkbuster make it work that way...
now i'm busted :DDDDD
dont cheat moron :D:D
pb cant detect linux cheats you moron :c
Quotehow can you explain that I just got kicked

are you sure ? :D
XDDDD i always knew u werent a cheater! but ur an EMO
i tried that with the text didnt kick me

You havent got kicked because nC dont kick their customers!
seriously lol'd irl :D
me too everyone is spamming me and im not getting banned : D
Mo MO Mo MO MOnsterkill
Hahah RoyaL :D
lol all gamehack and then 1 multihack :DDD
cant see no pic:<
:D owned imo
hmm, i erased logs, quitted irc and msn, but still get kicked
I love cheese
I can't get kicked :( Tried as hard as i could..
It seems that it is enough to write the text in the global chat ^^
was kicked with IRC, MSN, ICQ whatever closed.. sux
There have been 191 RTCW:Enemy Territory bans in the past 24 hours.
«23:21:32» {Zodiac`} seriously
«23:21:34» {Zodiac`} MigrosBudget
«23:21:35» « mode » {MigrosBudget} sets {+v Zodiac`}
«23:21:37» {+Zodiac`} you know what causes this
«23:21:45» {+Zodiac`} it aint IRC is it? I got kicked without having IRC open
«23:22:11» {@MigrosBudget} :D
«23:22:18» {@MigrosBudget} yes I do know pretty well whats goin on
«23:22:21» {+Zodiac`} tell me
«23:22:23» {+Zodiac`} I wont tell anyone :D
«23:22:32» {+Zodiac`} cause it aint IRC, im sure of it
«23:22:56» {@MigrosBudget} maybe I should make a post of it
«23:23:13» {+Zodiac`} do so ;O
He is bullshitting you, they got no idea whats going on.
Could be, could be.
of course he is.. why do you trust him a word anyway?

obviously he's an attention whore.. in the first place he's fooling everyone to think it's not irc related, posting various shyt where he points out how he knows the solution but waits on a bunch of people to join a channel so he can make a big speech in front of everyone.. rofl

Quote<MigrosBudget> allright
<MigrosBudget> you've been experiencing the full stupidity of punkbuster today
<MigrosBudget> the only reason why you were kicked is that some retard actually posted a string into the main crossfire channel
<MigrosBudget> containing information that punkbuster is looking for in its memory scan

welcome to an hour and half ago

First of all I wasnt up to date at that time since I was playing HL2E2 for 2hours, also all i wanted to do was show the people how to stop the kicking, and it seems as if still some of the guys joining the IRC channel didnt know about it yet.

Also I remember someone saying that "he thinks netCoders actually hacked the PB masterserver and put in the bans right there"

And yes I am an attentionwhore, and it seems as if you got to live with that.

maybe you dont hack? xD
just "hahahaha" and people that don't play with/versus cheaters, guess you cant play urself now ;( :D
Few servers are streaming to pbbans ;)

doesnt matter, first half of crossfire were ex cheaters, now everyone is ;p no more discrimination!
Busted, Plausible or Confirmed?
Always knew you hacked! :O
ok, mystery solved go 2 sleep
xDDDD no to lose ur reputation n1
i dont get it. i was playing et alot when idling channels where people were spamming with tha shit and i have never been kicked yet...
because only pure players get kicked
im still clean^^
chaplja, how sure are u about this?

I mean, surely I've seen "aimbot" written on the irc channels and still haven't got kicked...

maybe nC just want us to believe it's like that and are just laughing at us trying to find a solution that wouldn't solve the problem :p
pretty sure :)
maybe it's caused by jews and ufo :C
Omg then it was Theodor for sure
Check nC explanation. This is because of some specific blacklisted string.

Read: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=journal&mode=item&id=53919
yeh I saw it... it's understandable but it would be kinda stupid if all pb is doing is streaming some strings like that :s
Pb is not using this way to detect all bots etc. But seems that they cant get a way to make some bots detected that why they are using that "lammish method". As you can see, its not a safe method. Pb failed.
do it yourself or go blame nC
all this is just totally bullshit :D wtf think ppl !
Haha Serbia

only action you must get is albanian cock
soz what did u say ? couldnt understand you with that american dick in ur mouth
Sry im not american

gg belgian
no freaking way sherlock.
Ur more stupid than that raskl guy that accidentally confused my pbslot with griim's
not really....ahaha...ventrilo! all u have a TV!so, he is a problem! delete ur CHANNELs LOGs and turn off ur TV!
Yea and all 4 players from invitium were kicked becouse of this mirc bug, I don't believe it, it stinks hard.
Thats not a Hack..
its a program of your government to celebrate eastern with your family and not play ET.
im too lazy to read, but so is it hack or bug?
not really a bug as it really spots the valid violation!
..but imho more bug than hack
tbh i just deleted all logs and closed msn and irc and
now im fine i havent been kicked again so imo just
do that xD (didnt read it so if it says that, gg) :D
tell me please,i didnt play ET 5 days!came home turned on PC and now sitting here and reading NEWS...whats happend with PB? so can i ask?

WHAT I MUST DO? i have IRC and MSn, but i didnt open them untill this day!which logs do u talking about?
---An example of a string PB is looking for: *code here*
/msg #crossfire *code here*---

so if everyone write in IRC those words, will be kicked...????right? i just dont understand!
so looks like pretty!:S:S...okey, i'm waiting for ur help!who wasnt kicked?and play this fckn FREE GAME UNTILL TODAY:):)

anyone can write it, if ure in one of the channels where it is written, then u will get kicked too ;(
stupify..really:S...dammit...my IRC is closed
PLEASE, I don't think Estonian russian schools are on that low levels that a 21-year-old can't speak proper English.
kle,aga ma ei ole oppind inkat koolis:)..nii et, s6natu!:)jah
Interesting... it wasn't the Soviet time when you went to school.
mmm...jep, but i love German:)
9 Hours Ago


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Ha ha.


Soon to come
"All bans with Gamehack will be lifted, how ever we have a new method which will be sure to please the punks"

it is joke?or?...fckn idiots! nC will be banned!bunch of idiots!
Well, I guess the method will be the same, but maybe it'll cause another GAMEHACK # kick. I don't think that PB did this memory/string stuff only for rShook.
so basically... if i don't have irc open, i won't get kicked?
QuoteThe whole point is that PB scans your physical memory, it doesn't scan the memory used by certain processes, they scan your whole RAM, including all unused parts.
This stuff is not limited to irc/msn or something, it can be anything.
We have injected signatures into an image file, a html page simply anything. But having certain persons kicked is easier by irc and thats
why you read about that anwhere.
have fun:)....fuck..the end of story:)..
Netcoders vendication.
its not a bug.
they want the detection to work like this, netcoders just found a way to make your memory look like you would run that hack
haha lots of busts :D cheaterssssss
Says the "Returning while banned-man" :D
ben je geil of wil je een koekje?
slik je het door of wil je een doekje
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unsticky now tbh
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