question about headset

i have a question
when u have 120 euro what headset do you buy?
i think steelseries 5h v2 + usb
mmm maybe you must go to the I have to much money for a headset so i give my money to ratchet foundation?
sennheiser what model?xD
any expensive one
120e for a headset? :[]
Waste of Money!
A gold one
Razer Barracuda
I bought a headset for 25€ and it is working fine since about 1 year

Do not waste money!
2 whores and a headset for 20€.
Just buy a speedlink medusa and people will think you have wallhack.
120 fucking euros for headset..
just Waste of Money!
speedlink medusa have 5.1 sound
what headset have 7.1?
i need very very good sound wh:)
don't waste that much on a headset you fucking FREAK!

buy a decent one for at most half of that and spend rest...
If you use headphones a lot to listen to music and stuff, as well as just gaming, it can be worth spending that much, or even considerably more, on, but if it's just for gaming it's unlikely you'll need something that good. For that sort of money you're going to be looking at decent Sennheiser or low end Bose headphones. You can easily spend upwards of 500 euros on headphones if you want the top end noise-cancelling ones. Finding a headset with an integral microphone at that quality might not be so easy - I have no idea if they exist, as the standard audiophile who buys stuff like this doesn't generally need a mic.
buy a speedlink medusa for max. €70
end question i have creative fatality headset and 8 clanals sound card
did it have 5.1?
all pr0 gaymers headsets are shit...[steelsound, fatal1ty etc.]
Buy Creative Aurvana Live & Zalman ZM-MIC1
speedlink medusa > all
medusa sounds good, as long as the speakers work ^^
Their quality suck, google for that headset and u see...
It worked 3 month very well, then no sound on right side.
Medusa =]

Good for movies/music too.
ive got the speedlink medusa 5.1 pro gamer headset and you can pinpoint exactly where the enemy is thnx to the 5.1 sound, combine that with an x-fi soundcard and youl hear everything.
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