CoD4 binds

I am playing CoD4, and i have two questions:
1. Are any binds for classes or weapons? If they are pls write them in coments in this post or give me link for tutorial.
2. I am searching a good CoD4 cfg where textures and players are well visable.
Thx for help :)
you can only make ''say'' binds
config: (2/3 dvars should be lowering you will notice it ingame when you get the warning)
//class script

// assault cycle
seta m4 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m4; set ass_cyc vstr ak; ^1m4"
seta ak "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak47; set ass_cyc vstr m16; ^1ak"
seta m16 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m16; set ass_cyc vstr m4; ^1m16"
seta ass_cyc "vstr m4"
bind f5 "vstr ass_cyc"

// specops cycle
seta mp5 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:mp5; set ops_cyc vstr 74u; ^1mp5"
seta 74u "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak74u; set ops_cyc vstr mp5; ^174u"
seta ops_cyc "vstr mp5"
bind f8 "vstr ops_cyc"

// pistol cycle
seta deagle "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:deserteagle; set pist_cyc vstr usp; ^1deagle"
seta usp "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:usp; set pist_cyc vstr deagle; ^1usp"
seta pist_cyc "vstr deagle"
bind f6 "vstr pist_cyc"

// nade cycle
seta flash "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:flash_grenade; set nade_cyc vstr smoke; ^1flash"
seta smoke "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:smoke_grenade; set nade_cyc vstr flash; ^1smoke"
seta nade_cyc "vstr flash"
bind f7 "vstr nade_cyc"

// attach cycle
seta dot "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary_attachment:assault:reflex; set att_cyc vstr silence; ^1att-reddot; "
seta silence "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary_attachment:assault:silencer; set att_cyc vstr none; ^1att-silencer"
seta none "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary_attachment:assault:none; set att_cyc vstr dot; ^1att-none; "
seta att_cyc "vstr dot"
bind f9 "vstr att_cyc"
LOLOLOL since when?
i've been using it before even pam was out..
when was this discovered:D?
lolol its so old :<
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