+ WTV Hosted by England Kendle @ foo-gaming.co.uk
+ Welcome back Poland Toxicgirl as WTV admin :) download wolftv
+ idle #RTCW-cup and organise your games from there.
+ Rosters are not locked, but players can not play for another team if their team is knocked out.
+ A merc is acceptable if your opponent agrees.
+ The grand final has typical double elimination rules, the team from the loser bracket has to win twice. Therefore the winner has only lost at most one game.

- Two maps per round.
- Play ABBA on each map (Map1: ABBA, Map2: ABBA)
- The decider is first to two clear rounds, so you have to win say 4-2 with AB meaning one point.meaning one point.

Bracket view
Sunday 13th
mp_beach, te_frostbite (mp_assault)
Winner Bracket - Round 1
te_frostbite, mp_assault (mp_ice)

Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th
Loser bracket round 1
Winner bracket round 2
mp_ice, mp_beach (mp_base)

Thursday 17th
Loser bracket round 2
mp_beach, mp_assault (mp_village)

Sunday 20th
Loser bracket round 3
Winner bracket round 3
mp_village, mp_ice (te_frostbite)

Monday 21st
Loser bracket round 4
mp_village, te_frostbite (mp_assault)

Tuesday 22nd to Wednesday 23rd
Loser bracket 5
Winner bracket final
mp_village, mp_base (te_frostbite)

Thursday 24th
Loser bracket final
te-frostbite, mp_ice (mp_base)

Sunday 27th
Grand Final
mp_ice, mp_base (mp_village)

outwit 0:4 incognits
disposable 4:0 team-gr8
unorthodox 0:4 p57
The One 4:0 xyz

Winner Bracket - Round 1

=118= 4:0 p57
8-DDDD 3:1 emc
Ji-had 4:0 suckafree
Fixed 4:0 The One
limbo warriors 4:0 disposable
HSK.rtcw 3:1 Firewall
no conscience 2:4 rtcwcon
gc60 4:0 incognits


United Kingdom crumbs
Netherlands juncie
United Kingdom MerlinatoR
United Kingdom conker
United Kingdom hoontah
United Kingdom sharky
United Kingdom chrns
Sweden askungen
United Kingdom bluntz
Belgium viX

This former one.soldier team boast a lot of experience in their lineup,
together with some superior teamplay and individual skilled players this
team has the ability to win the competition.
Player to watch Netherlands juncie

Belgium arno
Belgium edge
France fra
Belgium kritos
Belgium mAx
France maxuh
France mote

Some great french and beglian players make up gc60, former svperfrogs team
have some clanbase cups under their belt so they have the pedigree to win
this tournament.
Player to watch France maxuh

Finland Bm
Europe Cyx
Finland jauhis
Netherlands Jehuty
Belgium Jin
Sweden Sod
Germany Treff
Denmark Vaf
Finland atlas
Finland xes
Denmark darkie
Norway zerom
Belgium syL
Sweden smutzig

some great players in this lineup could cause some damage, but will they be fresh
enough to challenge for the title? Time will tell.
Player to watch Finland Jauhis

Finland jonzi
Finland lettu
Finland Muuris
Finland Rokkeri
Finland Sirkka
Finland jin_
Finland kartsa
Finland nakke
Finland Nizou
Finland powah
Finland Satanclaus
Finland Sipperi

Playing well in the 3on3 cup and living up to their seeding, this team culd have the
ability to beat better teams if they get their teamplay working.
Player to watch Finland Sirkka

Germany souX
Germany freezer
Germany wEAK
Germany kraft
Germany zerb
Germany humM3l
Germany psiguru
Germany kuraigu
Germany jackhammer
Turkey fireBall
Germany z3r0

Full german team boasts some experienced RtCW players, this should be enough for them to get to
the last 8, but how far can they push themselves?
Player to watch Germany wEAK

Netherlands abort
Netherlands ncRo
Germany urtier
Netherlands Ins0mnia
France seskapil
United Kingdom dictator

Underperformed a bit in the 3on3 cup, hopefully this team can turn things around now
with some tactic sessions and what have you!
Player to watch Netherlands abort

Netherlands 2d
Netherlands bliss
United Kingdom cloudy
Netherlands damage
Netherlands helly
Netherlands kylie
United Kingdom mexx
Netherlands mirage
Netherlands nappie
Netherlands playa
Netherlands slinger
Netherlands reni
United Kingdom delta

A team that has played together for quite a while, some of their players playing for a
long time, would do well to get to the quarter finals.
Player to watch Netherlands 2d

Latvia dunno
Latvia Clown
Latvia vinyl
Latvia speedy
Latvia Mata
Latvia fuzz

Latvian allstar team, doing well in the 3on3 cup after coming in for one of the teams that couldnt
field a team. getting to the quarter finals. could be the dark horse team of the tournament.
Player to watch Latvia dunno

United States of America comm0n
United States of America elusive
Canada nothx
United States of America Remedy
Canada serum
United States of America v1D
Canada xtorsh1n
United States of America nard
United States of America slaya
Germany atrox
United States of America coKe
United States of America gisele
United States of America doNka

Amusing lineup here with some NA allstars, with the ping difference this team would do well
to hit the quarter finals.
Player to watch United States of America Remedy

Netherlands aap
Finland amarant
Finland esci
Finland iron
Finland jawa
Europe koni
Netherlands lynx
Netherlands sen
United Kingdom skitz
Europe crab
United Kingdom knux
United Kingdom simba

Another team that has played together for a little while is rtcwcon, with some new
players in the mix if this team gels they could be a force to be reckoned with,
as long as skitz doesnt egoquit.
Player to watch Netherlands Sen

Belgium isEN:xL
Netherlands atemi
Netherlands spho
Netherlands xfRd
Netherlands mize
Netherlands modus
Netherlands perfo
Netherlands Efax

Some ET players who have attended Lans and played in Eurocups in this lineup, although
I feel they will suffer from inexperience in RtCW - will do well to reach the semis.
Player to watch Netherlands perfo

Europe ALBA
Europe choueL
Denmark deaf
Europe mickey
Belgium yoda
Europe d3ath
Sweden lelle
Finland decem
Finland mrm
Spain zapk1ng
Germany stylor

Another surprise signup, hopefully this team can get some practices together and
push for glory in the cup.
Player to watch Belgium Yoda

Europe fietser
Europe vntl
Europe joz
Europe zoko
Europe dicerox
Europe gerritmeijster
Europe Twister
Europe Miser
Europe Vntl
Europe Cliffdark
Europe Link
Europe Cursy
Europe Armani
Europe Homie
Europe chupa
Europe chups
Europe lolly

Were unlucky in the 3on3 not to go through in their first game, these 1.0 'nabs' as they
say seem to have reasonable teamplay, if they adopt some 1.4 tactics quickly they could
do well. Would be lucky to get to the quarters.
Player to watch Europe fietser

Europe fixxxxer
Europe ivan
Europe res1x
Portugal sensz
Europe caz
Europe amir

Didnt play exceptionally well in the 3on3 but may fair better in 6on6. hopefully they have
learnt some tactics in their scrims. would do well to get to the quarters.
Player to watch Portugal Sensz

Europe Blitz
Europe hellsing
Europe mara
Europe Mouly
Europe mvstii
Europe Oranje
Europe Sight
Europe Unicron
Europe Virus

Were unlucky in the 3on3 to draw a hard backup team, but thats life! Could hit the quarter
finals if they have worked on some tactics.
Player to watch Italy ViruS

Sweden jonas
Sweden nordan
Sweden nuggan
Sweden slajdan
Sweden tornis
Sweden Malmen
United Kingdom matz
Finland jacker
Finland zeni
Norway kris
Sweden GlasS
Austria n3co

Having played well in the 3on3 tournament getting to the quarter finals, disposable
could surprise yet again in the 6on6.
Player to watch Sweden tornis
holy fucking shit

i don't have rtcw and cdkey :x + I never played it :s
take me!!!1

always double xp than 2nd on all publics i played on D:
Avi for the cup
avi for a team in both cups, I'm decent, /msg `Kevin
need 1 for cup pm me at #rtcw.wars my name is cantarilhasivan thx : )
highbot 4tw
ezbash for suckafree

its a shame that i cant play rtcw under vista:(
no slaya no win

edit: win!
My prediction is a one vs vib final but vib will win because hoontah is a mong and will fuck something up.
oc final on assault ;)
dustys still bit mad about it! :x you should get laid dude... or smoke a j ^^
heck, even I'm still mad about stuff you did way before.
Need a team for 6o6 #d&b
Let's go limbo!
GO GO Fra and anim and bliss and ouch!
Easy for remedy serum and elusive :)

Why did suckafee only get qualli? dont you know who they are? they will own everyone so fucking hard.
ecgn owners ftw :D
Them vs. limbo warriors in finals. :)
Nah, we got darkie, we're screwed
Where is raziel?
locked up in his basement writing aimingbyrazII
lol! Gl in cup <3
needs infensus
all playing wow it seems
what server?
SoD- quited wow :-)
a small step for mankind but a huge step for sod.
gc60 has nice LU :)
gl 118 <3
what is the problems
is there any way to play rtcw under vista?
uninstall vista
install xp,
should work
I just installed it and it worked ;X
Question: will the pairings like they are now stay or will they be randomely determined later?
i m avi for some fun pm
iam avi for 6o6 :I
avi for rtcw!
still need team unless weak grows balls! pm me!
NetherlandsFirewall > all.
sounds like a punkbuster problem, tried updating/pb_sleep 500?
11. =118=


My money is one.soldier, whoops I mean =118= :D
lol they're going to take it :O
pm me i need clan for this
where is pmcg ??
where it belongs, in the mist of time, forever gone
Me wanna play.. any team needs one ?
omg why preliminar and round1 of 6v6 on same day :s
because it will only be 1 game if we reach 18, 2 if we reach 20 and so on.
yeh but like this there will be like 8 rounds1 to be played same day and time, u got enough servers?:p

you will have to play on the one in australia though

LOL :p

wont make much difference my ping is shitty everywhere xD
very nice lads!!! gl with the cup and kick some ass :)
subtilitas will easily win this cup 20-0
Any servers Located in US or how does this thing work, we got an american team "suckafree"
who cares of them :D euro cup ftw
they will have to play on a eu server, like eu teams have to play on an NA one in NA competitions.
Or course, there's no shortage of NA competitions...
i have some problems with my bullet lag in osp, i have 100 ping every server, and in mp_basement my bullets goes normally with no much lag, suitable for play. But in every other big map my fps keeps at 125 but i have HUGEEEEEEEE bullet lag i tryed to update pb and d/l all the bins for OSP but the problem keeps :D , i need help some1 knows why the hell this happens or why? or i wont get a frag in the cup :P walls beware, ur going to get full on bullets coz my acc with this lag ----> 0!!! :]
ooooooooooooooh nice :DDD
haschmok and me still in need of a team!
Ow shit Oz and me are too late for the 3on3 :-(

Hope we can make a 6on6 team in time :->
can i play? i will be serious and will quit all smokin sessions for a week
gl everyone, except edge <3 XD
Need team :x
die cup is al vol :-D
Need team thats already subscribed ;}
PT comeback

still in need of team
cool idea :)
i like the name limbo warriors :)
Sounds cool.
I just registred at crossfire.

i need a team - hook me up!
i need a team, msg
it's gonna be a wTV fest!

Be sure to bring your prefered toxication of choice.
someone remove 'server is for low pings only' on the rTg osp server so your fellow rtcw players from across the pond can pub too :)
afaik there are no rTg peopz around here :p
ask that on #rtg-clan (Q-net)
guess u can add malmen and askungen for dispo aswell
askungen is playing with 118 for the 6o6.
still neeed a teaaaaaam /msg decem @ qnet
Still looking for a team :<<<<<< My skill should be around med+

Pm me here on /q Jo0f on quakenet.
heb jij rtcw?
Ofc :), vanavond weer sinds laaaange tijd gespeeld... wel ff wennen manman :D
haha, ik heb het ook heel lang gespeelt, ik heb nog steeds een key. maar zelf geen rtcw:P, kwijtgeraakt
iso downloaden van #revive-rtcw hé
wil jij niet heel aardig zijn en hem uploaden op je ftp?:P

Je kan em hier downloaden. Als het toch nog nodig blijkt zal ik die iso wel op mijn ftp gooien.
I heard that speedy will dominate this cup !!!
still looking for a 6o6 team..
Anyone who needs a player contact me.
avi as backup/7th
avi aswell /msg vis{ or vis`BNC
i wanna back to play :(
when will the brackets be announced ? :O
tonight hopefully when signups close
Player to watch fietser

Now that was random I guess DDD:

edit: dont think letting suckafree play a qualitfier is a good choice, they are certainly worth a higher seed and I guess it will be hard for them to play two games on the same day (time!)
they didnt turn up to the 3o3 cup - so didnt really deserve a more forward spot. if they dont turn up to their prelim its no real loss - but if they didnt turn up to a round1 game that would be a bit more of a problem ;)
they didnt even register for the 3on3
oh my bad then. they are being punished for the war crimes of America then.

happy? ;)
It's more like you punish the team that will get them as enemy.
they wont hit shit with 200pings anyway :))))
Player to watch MY VERY OWN FLAG Belgium Jin
i will be so bored playing this cup .. ohboi ..

BM darling .. we meet ONCE AGAIN .. (in rtcw)

and why didnt you asked me again, jin.. fuckin moron!
now i play for someone else.. dickweed
the jin only asks once!
i did NOT DECLINE YOUR OFFER ... dickweed
the jin doesn't offer. He takes.
you take cocks, i know! <3
The Jin doesn't take. He gives.
olol so much presure :<
"Player to watch United States of America Remedy"
Banned Players:
jAm (for being a spacker)

i lol'd in rl :D
limbo warriors ftw
Gl all, one soldier for first place, second fixed. ET players will fail terribly.
Germany sic = Anonymous junky?
(real sic would be Finland)
u should add the matches thats gonna be shown on wtv @ gamestv.org
cant care less of guid u use now,buy new key new guid gg

et guids can be changed kthx

thats just your word that u 'borrow' it,and even if its true its your fault not mine
Omg your so fucking dumb. Cant u see the alias nick on pbbans? Havent u heard about nackjee the guy who got busted. Plz buy brains. oO
wow ur really fun, getting so angry and offend for this... i touched u in bad zone?
I'm not angry, I'm irritated cause u don't think before u write.

Should I just be quite and let u think that I hacked and got ban whatsoever? when its actually was nackjee who borrowed orDians guid and did it? you are the funny one here. Now stop replying and think about it.
DONT borrow cdkeys. Chances are they have alread been lent to someone else :<
Ye but the one I got now is borrowed from immoo so should be np!

and btw I got to borrow it from orDian and hes a nice guy.. didn't know nackjee had used it tho.
rofl how can i know it 'was' nack, if its him, i see your name banned so what shall i think at first?

fine u explained
As far as i've heard, that "sic" @ uP eSport is junky :)
imo put rtcwcon in 1-8 seeds
you play them anyway
were just talking about that yesterday. Seemed unlikely this team was real.
someone pick me up! Can provide sexual favours, nostalgia, and limited knowledge of tactics for et noobs.
Hi Bones!
shouldve gathered the Emora boys :p
<- need team :(( coz uP isn't on the list
so team-gr8 will take place of uP?
I guess! Talk to Vaf on #lw to arrange our game pls!
ignore jins comment, speak to tornis @ #dispo.rtcw
and after that - should you win - talk to vaf on #lw

You can remove smutzig from disposable and add him to limbo warriors I guess :)
Maybe you should turn it into a 13 vs 13 cup
gl one, svper, lw, fixed & team latvia!!

edit: and ofc GL to lelle and tornis!!! :D <3
edit2: and sen, mrm and yoda and alot more! :>
edit3: gl to hsk aswell..and dictator and his team!
No GL to me :<
Ill win anyway...:O)
vift ftw!
gl l3lle :))!
what where all results/scores ?
So when do firewall and hsk play?
omg so gutted i cant play in it anymore x(((((

gl 2 =118= limbo wariers and ofc luxaeternia

CERIBA IR JUSU UZVARA MUSU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thissssssssss cup is rolling motha fuckas
round2 games of the losers bracket need to be played before round3 starts, on sunday at 21CET.

todays games, and this round went smoothly. thanks all- and goodluck to teams in loser bracket for the next round.
haven't had such an exciting game in ages. cheers for organizing the cup, hope to play it again!
ye wp yesterday was watching on wtv nice sniping by dunno on assault :)
yey all the shitty maps are out now gG (assualt mainly :P)
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