bibuy krein

dont care if its old, wasnt added in this section at least
Game Call of Duty 4
:D cod4
deserved + expected
multihack in cod4 is also bugged as in ET, nC has stated it :(.
not deserved, 2bad if krein cant play ET now, she was such a nice rifler :(
Quoteshe was such a nice rifle

ladyboy detected.
so noone will make his movie now cuz everyone is laik"omfg cheater":D
nice fuckup , krein <3
heheh oc|pumu
lol'd how much banned ppl :D

team fin got only one
how u can see who's banned ? :f
scroll down that page and theres suspended members ?
he was banned by admin , not program .
hahaha INDEED only robots can ban him and thats why it says ''Description MULTIHACK #70514''
oh no offence dude , i was just trying to say that there must have been any reason , because there was like few hundred pple kicked this way and he is banned - others are not.
i asked pbbans admin about it and there is nothing atm that indicates that it is a bug
en nu voel jij je zeker fucking stoer he, kanker neurd xD
ja zeker man, je weet toch
lolxD! bibuy
So if he is banned for using cheat in cod4, then banned in ET too? :o
couldnt cod4care less
typical high skilled busted...ban him 4 life.
sponsored by nC
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