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From Loekino :

HEllow we needed to palypaly a offi tonight but they didnt believe we play'd with Denzels little brother, so donex the unicorn man came and was liek noes you cant i wantz the brocoli! but the drama continued and we where not allowed to play because mister i have buttons didnt had proofs so he just said no way josé and we where fucked for being nice so we flamed them a little and when i said that Mister donex had a low self asteem so thats why he was so kewl with his "my mouse is on the buttons" he gave me this precious little thing called a yellow card x(

So! now i need someone to play OC devision 2 with us! aka True-destination

Here is our lineup n stuffz (its epic)
Sa7z - The almighty panzer also known as ThepanzerFromCDC4
Lun4t1C - The busted cheater!!111 who doesnt wanna paly with him?
maikel - also a known cheater and stuff
McHasy - Denzels little brother 10000% True(destination)
Snatch - Also known as a Giver of weed to people who shouldnt use it
Loekino - pentium3 coppermine pwner (not able to turn due low fps)

what do we need from you:
I need to like you and satz may abuse you from time to time you can contact us here with a PM or spam me on msn or crossfirepm or irc #loekino #true-destination

Prefering benelux mid+/experienced guys <3
ask loekino if he likes me
do you liek me?
lol gl =)
lulz, gL!
gl nice opponent
im avi as 2nd or 3rd backup, msg me:D
i understand dutch, my skills are extremely developed, np
you know who is your man loeki
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