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hello dear crossfire community,

I've been considering an option to install new system based on unix, which is ubuntu for last weeks. I'm totally green at it. I want to change it in order to work on stable system. I read about alternative software for linux. Mu questions are:
1) if I want to work on linux for the first time, should I install Win XP too as a back up or should I jump into deep water and get to know how does linux work in real ? if it could be better do work on dual-boot, how can I do it ?
2) how many disc partitions are needed to install ubuntu ? how should i share my 80 gb disc for it ? do i have to format all my HDD ? [i have 2 partition atm, 2nd one includes all data, movies, music etc]
3) do game work better on it ?
4) I know that ventrilo client isn't supported for linux and the only thing i can do about it is to emulate all soft through emulator but I read that it weighs down the system. Is there any other way to run windows client on linux ? Are emulators weighs down the system idd ?
5) is there any advices u can give me to go on linux ?

please DO NOT go offtopic, i'd rather read opinions of ppl who use ubuntu, thanks in advance
1) Deep water

2) 1 + swap, the installer will partion the drive for you if you dont want to fiddle.

3) Which game? ET does run better IMHO

4) You can use Wine, if you have semi-fast PC you will not notice any difference. It's an compatibility layer, not really an emulator.

5) If you run into problems, google the problem, read around at some forums (like ubuntuforums and such), learn to use Terminal at least for the basic things if needed, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Try different things and learn the basics and you'll find out that almost everything is easier than in windows in the newer distros.
4) I dont think so, ventrilo works with wine, but it is totally weird.I personally had problem with ventrilo, when more than 1 player talked, i heard only one voice, others was muted. dunno why :o/ FC8 - WINE - ALSA / SB5.1
Read the wiki for vent under wine. It tells you how to sort it out...
6) where can I download ETH?
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Ubuntu is easy
with 8.04 release which happened like day ago you shouldn't have any problems with using it :) Also as PetriP-TNT said - if have any problems - just ask or use
thanks guys for your help, i appreciate it
you can use mumble instead of ventrilo. you just need to make your clanmates use it ...
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I heard Ubuntu works like a charm after 8.04 update!
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