funny pbss again

we thought all 3 were suspicious after playing them 3v3, but only 1 forgot to turn of funny pbss.

image: pb001732



sw1Zz n1 fake not more
ph4ge well, we will let CB/ESL decide on that
ph4ge ill tell them you kept defending them
ph4ge *him
ph4ge there is software to check pbss you know
sw1Zz Nope i dont know
sw1Zz i know that he isnt cheating
sw1Zz he has played normally
ph4ge ok, we will contact cb
sw1Zz tell the admin he had to msg me

i also have demo's to back this up, but cant upload them atm. ban them please.

#possidere please :)
oops mielll posted it already
ETBOT screenshot blocker, probably.
wat weet jij er toch veel vanaf!
heb je btw die QcK in een winkel gekocht of besteld ? , zo ja waAR
nice Dildo, der leuchtet so schön :P
its a well known screenie blocker ive seen lots of it at pbbans!
Nice pussy !
its a ugly pussy imo :/
Rank: 221 @ cb 3on3 ladder, must be mid+
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