greatest song ever

This one is surely greatest for me :)
What is your favourite song ever ?
Lol, I just opened some random journal, got rick rolled there 3 times, and now you have just rick rolled me for the 4th time :(.
hahah owned
Within Temptation - All I need
Within Temptation - Angels

I would provide a youtube link but Mozart deserves better quality.
eerrr journal
just felt like posting this great song! TURMION KATILOT
scatman is sick i must admit :DD
im dumb ok - but even i know u make a journal for dis :<
1st. this is a journal
2nd. if this was a journal it would be the worst one of the year
btw, could someone explain me the rickrolled hype I wna join it :<

btw, most of you got no music taste at all lol
you should be damn stupid if you never heard of
tbh! Chris Isaak - Wicked Game


Eric Clapton - River of tears (luv diz song)


Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia

btw i know those songs r laik Old and i mostly listen to hip hop/rnb but those songs r definetly the best ones and lol the song u posted was kinda shit soz :<
WAKI send ur songs newbcake ;d
lies and wtf is wrong with those dudes they'r music taste is so rubish lol :|
fking emo shit
where's razzahs song ?
in my profile (tagged as EPIC)
every song from tokio hotel ofc
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