moviemaking problem


I'm having this error while trying to open my saved data @ vegas,all the files still exist and i see no reason why the file will be corrupted.
I think the problem is in the folder since I'm ahving lots of problems with it :X
when I'm trying to output the TGAs from vdub to this folder i get this:

The dsk can't find the wanted sector
I get the same thing @ afx

thx in advance
Use another folder?
Format your pc and start using an english windows xp ?
i can't copy the .VEG file,the one that has the error @ vegas
i have almost 1.5 min recorded and edited i want to see other option before formating
broken hd? =D
Scan the disk for errors (including bad sectors)?
tried that,it stopped in the 4th step
Stopped how, any message?

Sounds to me like you have a HDD that's about to give up. You should consider replacing it, or at least start making daily backups before it fails completely. :P
the HDD isn't so old.somth like 5 months :X
i deleted some windows shit and i manged to scan the disk
now it says i need to dl the latest update for vegas,hope that will work

dled this one and i hv the same error
Did you scan for bad sectors? (Can take hours...)
yeah i scanned and i dont have the sector error any more
but it deleted the .VEG file,it exists but it just isnt working :/
is there any way to repair it or somth?
So it did find bad sectors? Then you really need to read this:
2late4that I've already lost the .VEG file,which had all my project so far :X
I scanned the disk again and it worked,i dont get this sector errors any more but I've lost valuable data.
Any idea how to recover it?
its better for everyone ur movies suck and now we wont have to see them :D
hmm that explains the reason why you asked me to wait two days before i start working on it so u will be able to send your "high" frag
mmmm....your frag movie is great :>
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