#increased still looking

So far so good. For the past days we've been looking and testing alot players and we're back to three again. Therefore we're still looking people who can meet our requirements and we're also having tryouts this night.

What we want

x Good comms
x Active 3/4 days atleast
x Vent 3.0
x Maturity
x Med/+ (Must know how to communicate and gib)

What we dont want
x Whiners
x Immature kids
x People who rather play for stats than for the team

What we offer

x Good comms
x Vent and ET server
x Activity
x A laugh
x Old leader who knows what he's doing

At the moment we have ::

United Kingdom hvKiii (Rifle) (c)
Finland Mikko
United Kingdom fragma

Please don't attempt to contact us if you can't meet the above, we hope that this will be something that works for a change, instead of an inactive fest. If people can make it or if we get a sponsor, we'll be attending the next CDC.

We are also looking for MGC.

PM inc\hVkiii or inc\jamzore on irc.

GL hvk & fagma <3
pmme !!!!
gL MEIghtS
would say pick me, but i have exams x(
so ur saying mikko or fragma cheat?
lol i can gib!
Well if he isn't busted lets see him @ lan
its mikko for sho
take parra
Germany faKy
Poland hAriboo
Scotland jinosta
Belgium lio
Finland spirea
Croatia suVi
imo imo imo take this ;X
but faKy is a big nazi he hates niggers like me ;(
but still imo GET this
are you fucking serious D:::::
faky <3232
lold nice random list full of random people apart from Croatia suVi ofcourse who is highskilled
what random hater.
i'm pro of the year so ofc they play with me ;X
and yeh its a good team if it whas a team
take me.
gl if fragma turns it off
gl :DDDD
gl to myself
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