in need

hey :)

(15:36:23) ( DSky -FiED) skilled ET player looking for new clan - can test tonight - pm for more info!

/q FiED-

bye :(
tag tells enough.. cya @
GL mate <3
stolen account is stolen
gl FiEND
it's bozar the lowbie right?
he failed like 10 times with this method, why should he change?
junky ?
funny that u never quit mr junky

fuck off rly
a cheater who has used atleast 5 "oldschoolers" nick so he can get his lowbird ass into good teams...
nope i dont care :]

there is no accusation of hax.. junky is already busted
aren't you supposed to be austrian? nice try yet again

18:06.59 whois FiED-
18:06.59 addy [FiED]
18:06.59 • resolving []
18:06.59 • resolved [] to []
18:06.59 • Country for []/[] is Germany.
you didn't have to, it was obvious at the very moment he posted
Epic Fail!
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