Searching a skilled clan.

Hello community,

Sinds I deleted my girlfriend from real-life, i'm looking for a stable "skilled" clan.

image: arrow Skill: med+
image: arrow Dutch & English speaking.
image: arrow Age: 19
image: arrow Class: Prefer Medic
image: arrow Mature & Funny
image: arrow Avi: sunday/monday/tuesday/thursday

image: arrow image: nl National-0wners
image: arrow image: nl Krauts image: be
image: arrow image: eur United Sodiers of Europe
image: arrow image: eur seekNdestroy
image: arrow image: nl OVERLOAd 3v3 Team

You should be/have:
image: arrow Gameserver
image: arrow Ventrilo
image: arrow Stable line-up
image: arrow Funny
image: arrow When playing the game, be serious.
image: arrow English or Dutch speaking clan, i don't care.

image: arrow I'm also available as a back-up, but prefer to be in ur line-up.

More info's via PM or feel free to visit my profile on CrossFire.

nice guy, g l
How long was Royal-Banditos active, i mean if you consider it as a exclan you at least played some officials with them? Same for OVERLOAd 3on3 Team .. made me giggle .. gL tho
We didn't play long for overload, it whas like ehm.. 2 mounths or someting... but its not neccesary for how long we played for them, but that the overload managers said we are good and they gave us the opportunity to play for them. They had a good feeling we could be in top 3 of CB, but me and fuchs in our line-up where to inactive cuz of real-life.

No comment about RB xD
How unexpected like a team with fuchs in it would be active, so you havent played a single official with those team but you mention them as one of your exclans? Why? Because its a big name and people might think loools he played at overload together with fuchs for 3 weeks without playing a official once .. so you played 3on3 irc wars with overload tag to get yawned? Pretty embarrassing. gL ex Overload ownat0r :!
You still don't understand.
Quotethe overload managers said we are good and they gave us the opportunity to play for them.

This is what its al about.
This confirms that my skill is pretty good since they give us a chance to play for them.

This is the last thing i say to you.
Ok thats for Overload, a cheater believed in you.. thats all you wanted to say? We are talking about kIlla aka Xajp i guess? And what about Royal-Banditos?
RB is nothing, and no im not only talking about Xajp, im also talking about sainted.

And now stop bothering me mr. 0 day member.
My registration has nothing to do with the topic, im just asking questions. Its allowed to ask questions.. you dont need to answer them. Eventhough im registered for 0 days i seem to know quite much about the ET scene ;) And now tell me something about Royal-Danditos, have you even played a 6on6 scrim once?
We wanted to have a stronger connection with the W:ET community so we decided to support a 3on3 team, though it didn't work out in the end.
"sinds", please
gl hf mate :)
thx, how's going with split?
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