skaa is cless

Hello im searching for 6on6 et team
i "should have" med/high skills
ex teams: snd, pstarz, sfx, synod5, and many more
i prefer english lang teams
you can find me on #aze
gl m8 :)))
you missed ; d
gL because you know mara!
All polskies are high skill anyways. :d
Good Luck!
gl, very veyry nice guy and funny!!

"im so happy today, i heard my doorbell"
oh, grandpa skyr : d
meow skaa ive missed u my sexy pl!
gl skyrr :)
not skyr anymore, someone is fakeing my old name ; p
gl mate <34
Franceska from
I think.

Hmm... Not him imo..
(i check his profile)
gl skyrr ;) nice guy
:O) u cannot quit :<
gl little man (from semtex=])
GL my favorite polak! :P
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