RTCW 1.0 Battleleague

Gogogo, download the RTCW pack and join the Battle League

Currently 9 clans signed up!
If you never played RTCW but always wanted to play some wars it's your chance, get your team to download the pack and sign up!

Matches will be most likely be on wtv and maybe even shoutcasted, who knows (O:

1st place gets a server for 4 month on rtcw/et, and a 2month server for the team with the best sportmanship.

contact #no.surrender

Btw it's the first tourney on 1.0 to run a new anticheat system, so cheaterfree =)
When is the signups starting for wl rtcw?
That's written in the Warleagues RTCW topic

(They already started btw)
this battle league is 1.0 right ?
Yes it is, guess I'll edit it to make it more clear
still dont see why all these players just dnt pay 5 euros for the game, and play on 1.4 which already has pb.

re-inventing the wheel!
1.0 is much more active, so why wasting the monnies?
but if people like your self and the people just providing the servers, just said ok whats the point in remaking stuff 1.4 already has, and just moved your servers across, then people would have to move. But i guess its a completely different idea of rtcw on 1.0, with death match on base only which is rubbish, and objective with no crossfire or tactics. More about playing for the sake of it.
Well I don't know how far your knowledge about currently 1.0 teams goes, apart from sna and xeimos/nc, but I highly doubt you ever played anyone on 1.0 in obj games as it is played very simular to 1.4.

Basicly the only diffrence between 1.0 and 1.4 apart from some small bugs is 1.4 having punkbuster, though I dont really even see it as an advantage as it often leads people to desperation due to not working or making the game lag. Especially since there is mousetrap on 1.0.

Initially I'd agree with you, I don't understand why people stayed on 1.0 though having valid keys etc.
But looking at the situation from todays point of view in my opinion 1.0 is the way to go as it has more teams, a rtcw pack that's easily to use (:D) and doesnt differ much from 1.4 in terms of gameplay.

So I'll just put it this way: still don't see why all these players just dnt download the rtcw pack, and play 1.0 which already has mousetrap ;)
Each to there own but I would rather play where there is an anti-cheat system, (not some mousetrap anticheat tool) be it osp or shrub but certainly not *main* with no anti-cheat system, just my 2 cents worth :)
its not really main, its sandmod edited so its osp-like. and shrub sux anyway, 1.0>shrub

also mousetrap works pretty good, rather than a pb that gets bugged by netcoders ^^ ... et *cough*
it isn't played in main mod, but in s4ndmod that is very simular to osp. (and you can also set it to be exactly like shrub)
also we have succesfully used garage and pacific in 3v3 cups on 1.0. unlike 1.4 where people shit their pants and climb in trees if someone mentions anything other than ice base.
no punkbuster version, hell yea, even the first generation of wallhack would work here

edit : "cl_maxpackets 10"
I repeat, it is running the mousetrap anticheat tool that filters out all current cheats unless someone will be arsed to create new ones for rtcw =(

and maxpackets is limited to 15 :P You could make yourself lag on every game with netlimer anyway, so...
Noone uses cl_maxpackets 15. If anyone did, it would be visible in the lagometer and a referee could instruct the player to change it
haha u used to play it with me :XD
Just buy the friggin game already. It's less than a pack of smokes.
Ye, and even easier is just downloading it ;)
What's the use of providing 2 mods of the game? You're only spreading attention. Maybe you should host a third league called "et for rtcw-players".
Sorry, I don't get the point of your reply.
What's the use of providing 2 mods of the game? You're only spreading attention.
Yes, what I'm doing is called advertising, same as people do for all other cups on this page. And I still don't get what you mean with me providing 2 mods of the game.
Okay my bad: What's the point of providing 2 leagues with different mods. It's better to unite all rtcw-lovers under 1 leaguesystem in this day and age.
Yes, but you wont make the whole 1.0 community buy Cd-keys and have a skillboost to not get spawnraped on 1.4. On the other side downloading the pack, changing the config and start to play 1.0 is much easier in my eyes but whatever...

I'm not aiming on getting all 1.4 players starting to play 1.0, would be nice to 2-3 more teams from the cup, whether they come from et or wherever from.
1.0 still misses some crucial features, like colored crosshairs, removable bloodsplatters and live accuracy info wich you can check from the popup, enough reason to buy a cd-key for 5€'s!
Please watch the rtcw pack i the tutorial section, it has exactly what you just mentioned:

colored crosshairds
remove bloodsplatter
and well you can't indeed open stats like you can on 1.4, however your accuracy/killers health is always shown when you die and typing /stats gives you all your stats, in your console.

If not seeing your live accuracy is however not a reason to play the game for you it's your choice..
my bad, just thought that no one would put that much effort to make a decent mod for free.
its fixed now mate
What Jin said.
Could need a team, in case we're not joining with fixed (which I doubt).
Well, we're definately not going to join some 1.0 cup, so indeed you're going to need a team for that. but for WL season, we're in it.

[17:58] * Topic is 'tarpeeks blureita wl seasonille? nizou, muuris, lettu,rokkeri,jini,tana,sipuli,Sirkka,x,y,z'

^enough imo
You can download RtCw here braaap

getting a cdkey is down to you though so if you don't have a working ccdkey then I suggest: http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=app&AppId=9010&cc=GB
Ehr, my services are available from the 18th of june since the swedes are too scared to get owned.
I see what you did there :D
cless :O
1.0 is good now and then

but 1.4 still owns 1.0 ;)

you have banimod for funservers, osp for warservers and shrub for pubs.

on 1.0 you have s4ndmod which is just a lame ripoff off shrubmod

and btw, i am running a cdkeyfree server on 1.4, so it IS possible to play with cracked key on 1.4...
and yeah, just get a damn cdkey, it only costs 7€ or something like that, worth the money bigtime imo
ppl still have gay ideas about 1.0. And tbh 1.0 obj > osp. with high ping in osp u cant get a frag, and on 1.0 with antilag u can play normally like the low pingers. but some blind ppl cant see that. They think and look like the horses decades ago with those things in the eyes to only look in front.
antilag doesnt work in ET - let alone rtcw.

I played in the 1.0 NC and it wasnt great, the mod tries hard, but its probably worse than shrub: and shrub sucks donkey balls.
I think we used sandmod 2.0 back then, which doesn´t have antilag.
I didnt think it did, I could hit people - but the mod itself had a lot of room for improvement.
in 2004 maybe, not now a1 all. And as i said, and going to tell again if is 2 hard to understand, osp doesnt have antilag, and most of the ppl, like u, have 50 ping or around so u have nothing to complain on in osp, but ppl with ping > 85 cant aim properly, u can be the best aimer and always aim to head coz the bullets will always go wide while the opponent move, try to play vs an aimbot with 100 ping in osp, u'll win it whithout much probs... since in 1.0 with antilag, this unfair disadvantage doesnt happen coz high pingers can aim closely like the low pingers, isnt perfect at all but gives u some fairity.

PS: antilag DOES work in ET. thats what u see so man good 98 ping players.
no it actually doesnt work in ET, its just not as obvious as it is in rtcw.

in rtcw it just disadvantages the lower pinger hugely. I would prefer players use timenudge -50 than antilag.

And just for your information - I dont understand the reference to OSP? You can enable antilag with osp on, TCG had it on there public server.
yeh well, antilag is something that got included in patch 1.33 and higher i think for rtcw
so you can enable antilag and it will work on all mods

but on 1.0 there simply isn't antilag, but s4ndmod has its own antilag
for me both 1.0 and 1.4 work well the osp hitboxes are much better but on 1.0 we could get wars much more easier and sandmod isnt really bad, just you need a osp like cfg and it works better.

on 1.4 if you are not the pro oldschool, you can forget it. gettin wars :X
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