looking for team

Hey every1

I started playing cod4 a few days ago and i think the game is good.
Now i want to start clanning in cod4, although i have no experience in cod4 or any of the other cod series, i do have experience in other games such as BF1942,BF2,ETQW.

I'm looking for :
- decent United Kingdom or Netherlands speaking team.
- Skill doesnt mather , as im a newb myself
- no kids

I have:
- Can speak english and dutch.
- SMG/SNiper is my fav.
- ventrilo/ts (what ever u prefer)

Im also intrested in forming a new team.

If youre intrested pm me here or add me to Xfire
gud lack :>
try ET.
#cod4.wars, you should look a team there, lots of people do:)
You can find one easily :p gl & hf searching!
thnx will try that ;)
cu @ ET in 2 weeks
cu @ ET in 2 days
CoD4 Server online with ESL Settings...ready to use :) pm me when u got a team :P
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