CoD4 Recruitment

Looking for some english speaking players (can be from anywhere in europe), must be friendly and up for a laugh aswel as playing to win, around low/med skilled willing to improve of course. Must be active and love the game!

About us[/u]
There's only two of us at the moment (myself and a mate) were both from the uk. We have been playing 2on2s quite a bit recently and were looking to start playing 5on5s again as 2on2s are getting a bit boring :(. I'd say were both about med skilled and don't do too bad against med+ teams in 2on2s but we can't say anything about 5on5s as my mate hasn't played a proper clan 5on5 game yet. We have a private server with the new patch installed and also have a private vent server (3.0.1) so ready to go really!

Drop me a private message through here or send me a pm through irc (nick = raza), thanks for reading if anyone did.