As we played a little 3on3 vs med skilled, okay they were like med- on the defence, but then they got rly hard :<
watch the movie a m8 of mine has done, very funny music :D
<3 nutTy
greetings sHay

EDIT: guid:
rapid share suxx!! dl
:o Baby on Board from Simpsons <3
clear wh...
pure skill imo
If this is wallhack , im santaclaus , it's pure sound :x
are you retarded? lol, man the guy is scanning walls like superman for fuck sake.
yup, played against therse guys never heard of them before but they were PRETTY GOOD, so i actually thought it would be a cheater(s) because i never heard of them and still they could get kills with eaz
Dont insult customers of us!
of us? why of us? you're even not codecing them, you're just random customer who is spamming
we're acting as one community and not as egos like you ;)
Bullshit. They dont care about you. They just make hacks and sell it. Just dont say "us" because you dont do anything except clicking some buttons in pay pal.
sry guys but you dont know anything about me or us, you are just another retarded little boy that got no idea about anything.
Go pay some hacks you nolifah.
nah I get em for free xD
u are just a little stupid kid, keep asslicking coders and spaming in xfire.. wnb
please no rapidshare -.-
use megaupload or megashares ...
lol , played vs them like half year ago and i thought something was strange about them.
LOL i played vs this guys a few days ago i think 3 or smth. I didn't recognize this wallhack then, i didn't saw it. But now he is tracing the walls lol, obvious wallhack :)
new rapidshare? :O
as far as I know the harddrives of are full so you cant upload to anymore :D But you can use the same datas for the .com one if you are a premium member
played this guys yesterday i think, must say they were better than the skill they searched for (med) and they even knew where i was without me making sound (dunno if i farted, if some funny idiot may remark this) but that could've been lucky ofcourse :)

btw, wolfcam doesnt show lean. :p
You can that 2 right? "knowing" where someone is if he didn't make sound :D?
BIJNA grappig kiazax, nog iets langer op school en je bent grappig genoeg.
je dikke moeder mongooltje ga cheaten ga aandacht zoeken
je cheat zelf ook gore kanker mongool ga dood (als je kiazax bent)
IK BEN GEEN KIAZAX hoe fucking vaak moet ik dat nog zeggen
kom op mijn ventrilo kan ik aan je stem horen of je het bent :d
3v3 / med / nosrv / only haxz0erz

omg 50 fps in supply, feel bad for u
dont accuse vegi!!!!!
so what is the point? that lowlmat gets owned all the time?
they're clean, they're cool, they're coffee. >
that song rocks :) nice tracking btw
played em about 3 weeks ago... but i never thought that they cheated.... cause it was my first war since 10 weeks or something ^^

but yeah they where skilled!
"I'm so good that anyone who beat me must use hax"
after watch this demo i want to know who think iam a cheater :/
Lol at obvious no wallhack xD
luck and skill
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