Clip (vaGgi)

Here is a clip for you:

Tell me if you like it or not :)

Any suggestions about the gun model settings, brightness, song choice etc. are welcome, just talk out of yourself. :P

I know that I'm not the guy who posts clips officially on crossfire and asks for advices, but if you like this one then maybe there will be more. =)

Thanks for taking your time and watching it in advance!
e*to short clip,to darknes cfg ^^ -.- but make more plz me like to watch et
e2*music is ok
sucks imo

[e] 2 dark cant see shit :x
a little bit dark on my screen too but still ok =) i'll work on the brightness ;)

way ² dark but the quality is nice :)
way2dark tbh cant see shit

dont like it :< too dark.

This :

and this ist 100000x better

And the song is shit.
old times = suck times :<
i like the song tbh but ok :(

yea i know, you are used to the fact that i usually use rock/metal songs in my fragmovies/clips but strange that nobody complained about my songs in gifty's vid :D
shitty config but quality seems nice
not downloading
watchable, too dark
need more blur
downloading, cause i love your vids :)
QuoteMy last project about to come is "Connectivus Interruptus", starring Germany lagg3r, after this there won't be any official movies anymore, maybe some little clips.

make up your reading skills attentionwhore
that sentence doesn't change my opinion

why already saying you will quit while you are still buzzy


so make up your mind
i said that i'll quit moviemaking after finishing connectivus interruptus or even after et allstars 3. making clips just for fun and making whole fragmovies is a hell of a difference.

so you're pretty much owned imo.

edit: and well, with saying this i prevent the people to query me and ask for a fragmovie or whatever, which maybe is a bit mean but then they dont hope too much and get disappointed afterwards.
you can make as much as movies as you want

but saying you will quit befor you actually quit is pure attentionwhorism
well the journal wasnt really about the fact i wanted to attentionwhore about me quitting the fragmoviescene but about the fact i wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and supporting me in this "business" n stuff. that was the reason the journal had the name "Thank you all!".

QuoteThank you for the great time in moviemaking, everyone that ever talked to me about moviemaking, everyone I ever talked to. We sure had a nice time and I'm really happy about that.

QuoteThanks for your support, thank you for putting your trust in my hands, thank you for sharing all the settings, cfgs and joy. :)

Thank you all, for everything.

owned you again.
thanking everybody now so you can do it again while you actually quit

srsly u write like someone we never see again at thise site

pls explain me the use

u don't own me but keep thinking u do fucktard
am i not allowed to say "thank you" before? :) well, i think its pretty my problem if i say that 1 month before, 1 day after or 1 year after, none of your business and tbh you'd still argue with me, no matter what time i would have posted that. i just wanted the people to know that i am thankful they gave me their support, that i am not egoistic as most people might think because they should get all the credits.

i dont know why you are arguing with me about such a topic thats not your matter or which you could just ignore if you dont like it.

still owned ya in the end.


*edit* well yes, i think i owned you and i still do think so. but ok hmm...acting like a kid is kinda selfowned. hope you dont mind my mistake! you owned yourself of course!
exam tomorrow, last one, flaming here is so hard best way to relax

oh and keep "OWNING" me

copy paste and than say owned is pritty weak
you cant defend yourself anymore, means i won.

good fight! i enjoyed it! :)
looks nice
too dark
didnt like it, thought it was gunna be good

my main prob with it was the overbright bits around the lights, so ugly
config ist too dark, frags suck, opponent sucks, too much slowmo. here you go.
way too dark, dunno , didnt like it that much :<
darkest goldrush i've seen so far in a fragmovie/clip :P work on it and it'll be nice
too dark, but nice blur and quite nice colors :)
yeah as they all said.. to dark cnt see the axis very well. but config very nice. + play against teams with nicks pleaz :<
i cant see anything !
too dark, good quality, use moviemod (i like to watch movies which have made with it, i mean fragtext thingy), too big crosshair

+frags sucked
Too dark.
- as crosshair pwns . anytime
just a little little bit too dark, but ok for me.

song is weird, but somehow its nice too 8D!
frag was vaGgilike, nothing more to add.(<3)

gunmoddel almost perfect, just put the cg_gunx abit down, maybe even the "z".

looking forward to see some more clips,bibuy.
song crosshair and contrast suck.
quali is good
just make it brighter
bit to dark but the quality itself is proper nice.
bit too dark and not really smooth (25fps sux)
well ok changing the frame rate wouldnt be such a very big problem but i think this is somehow a matter of taste =) sometimes i prefer 25 fps to other frame rates (just everything has to fit to each other)

thanks slave for the comment :)
it's ok but

* way too dark
*shit music, rly, made me turn off my boxes
Too dark, need more powerful colors, maybe add a bit motion blur
too dark ofc
dindt like the song
try to use the same colors but not having black spots everywhere
nice megui settings!
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