RtCW-Movie Nursing Service

RtCW-Movie Nursing Service by Börge 'Bewohner' Stange

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yesterday i finished my new rtcw-movie Nursing Service. it´s 390mb big and has a playtime of 15:02 minutes. this time i have used my own demoscenes to create this project. all demos were recorded in the year 2005 while i played as a member in the clan flying-v. the demos were recorded from official warleagues-wars and trainingmatches. most of the scenes shows backup-situations. mostly i played a medic and was the backup of a lieutenant.

download 'Nursing Service' @ filefront
download 'Nursing Service' @ wolfenstein-city.de
download 'Nursing Service' @ rtcw4ever.de

thanks for hosting! have fun watching!

börge 'bewohner' stange


some screenshots:
Nursing Service 01
Nursing Service 02
Nursing Service 03
Nursing Service 04
Nursing Service 05
Nursing Service 06
Nursing Service 07
Nursing Service 08
Nursing Service 09
Nursing Service 10
Nursing Service 11
Nursing Service 12
Nursing Service 13
Nursing Service 14
Nursing Service 15
Nursing Service 16
Nursing Service 17
Nursing Service 18
Nursing Service 19
Nursing Service 20
Nursing Service 21
Nursing Service 22
Nursing Service 23
Nursing Service 24
Nursing Service 25
Nursing Service 26
Nursing Service 27
Nursing Service 28
e1: http://shor.de/ has the worst design using diagonal stripes ive ever seen... yuck
bewohnermovie = awesome!!



really nice movie allthough i miss a crosshair and popups!
Well this movie isn't like a 'fragmovie'. That's why Bewohner didn't put a crosshair & frag popups. Wouldn't make sense, I guess :x
yeah i know its more a...a... a movie to entertain with a game as base but well imho it would be better!!
filefront :( 400kb/s :'(
+1 dloading!
enjoyed, but u can do popups by et console hack
Song names?
errr wtf you might want to mention that the second mirror is demos only.
i'm sure its a cool one!
dling, and then commenting!
wow i love RTCW movies, going to download it ;)

PS: please ask nadix for an upload on own3d.at because from Filefront it's really slow :(
hmm.. perhabs next time with poups
i played that map on public its rly nice
looks nice.. dling.
Nice movie, liked the editting and quality. Sync was nice so it didnt get boring. 9/10 gj
wtf i just downloaded some demos D:
second that... 390mb of demos and when i unpacked it i have 6mb wtf ?:)
same, you need to use filefront mirror
Pretty cool movie!
Very nice man, I loved it, the beginning made me laugh(not in bad way) it was great :D and brought memories too :) im very impressed
thx for lots of comments! :-) i planned to integrate the console (i created four scenes with the console), but it costs to much time. in some weeks i have intermediate examation and i have to focus on it. so i decided to upload it. jep, you are all right (is also my brothers opion)...

btw.: second link is fixed - tried it out also and got only demos o0. sorry!
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