German Crimes search

i search players from German.skill med/med+

more infos here xfire: xxxmckaixxx oder icq: 235111240
gl med+ players from german.
from German, gg!

and oder isnt engrish imo
at least he doesnt search for high- with formular anymore :P
et-scene ftw!!!! we should introduce this here!
lulz gtfo lowskiller. thx
omfg, you were playing lately with iiky etc and though she is a pretty nice human, she isnt a good player.
So stop the blasphemy and change your skill to low/med
:DD You keep searching now for more than 4 months, and everytime with a huge skillboost :D <- you search low++high players. <- you search low++-high players. <- still low ++- high <- low++ high <- med-high ! you're getting better!

and finally here, you search med \ med+

too bad i couldnt find the topic you said you're playing euro cup :<
the most skilled player from your team is zeh sikzt, then prolly mezz, rest from u seems low/low+

gl in finding some med+ players 8DD
cheater 4 sure :D
- stfu
- low max.
- gtfo
"i search players from German" GL
i search players from german

hahahaahahsha :D.d.:D:.d.d.:DD:D:D:D


low max. played once with them, n1 aim (2 hs whole war), n1 comms (nothing), n1 taxes (also nothing)

and now gtfo plz and yes, hf later when our low (sry sky <3) squad will bash u :>
ETTV heute 21uhr
could finally ban someone this tard. in evry new thread hes doing hes speakin german....
take me, i got uberskillz and komm from german!
Quote[20:21] <MC-KAI> 6on6 low+ have server

that says everything....rofl
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