dR Jürgen mortyr 's

image: 1083923928

dR Jürgen mortyr 's are in need of one player for Polish UGS LAN.

-pref known for us if not np
-LANavi 100%
- NO ex()cheaters , NO whiners.

our current Lineup

Hungary karrde
Hungary srph
Russia 4live
Poland krein
Hungary bAlu
Europe you?

pw here or via irc #\S/ Karrde , cdap|4liveji
wtf is dR Jьrgen mortyr 's but gl anyway!
krein = banned ?
what did u expect from polish lans?
i expected him to be more bright and change his nick :)
btw this ugs lan is big bullshit, there is no info for one month about it :XD
idiot. its a lan where he's going to attend at.
gl balu, karrde, srph
ugs, hell yeah!
gl for everyone except team russia starplayer 4live
very much good luck seraph, karrdezilla and balu.

te buzi pudding <3
less than a week
Finland morty ?
gl forlive
gl Magyars :)
take me to the candy shop
Rami haha
is it a porn actor?
gl karrde <333
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