Lookin' for MultiGaming

We, vodkateam ( Lukey, Lest, wAldus) are in need of multigaming which can provide an ET server for us [de or nl only]. We are back in action and attending on a polish 3on3 LANParty ( UGS ). We dont need any other support from mg, a server will be enough for us. Last but not least, it would be nice if the mg was known.

Contact us @ #vodka.et, you will get all the info about our achievments and plans for future.

Thanks in advance.
uhu. known mg taking in 3on3 teams, ....
gl vodka ;)
I'm sure mgc's will be queuing up to sponsor a few noname polaks.

Sif you need an MGC if all you are getting is a server.
A lot of guys called us 'noname polaks' and still they got owned while playing. Don't judge us by our nicks if you're not into 3on3. I don't know who you are either and I don't really care but I don't call you a noname.
Yeah and I'm not one of those guys.

10 slot gameserver only 5 euro/month, thats 1.67 euro/month for each player
gl skilled and nice guys =)
GL Team vodka x)
gl lest:*
Nice fooling around in wars
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