swine @ RTCW

need RTCW team for that cup.
querry me at IRC ( #vae ) or leave me a pm on crossfire.

PS: I even know most of the RTCW maps :D
QuotePS: I even know most of the RTCW maps :D

GO AWAY! also without checking map/compass?!

GL anyway!
going 4 Q?
nP Swine we will do it! You can find us at #vae!
lol swine lol
lol swine lol

EDIT (actually the 4th time alrdy)
gl ofc and hope you FUCKUP, or not? <3
swine@multigaming...bussiness as usual :)
im not playing anything serious at the moment
join us to play some 5on5's...don't get enough players since drago disappeard
geh weG! swine
gl sprungi
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