McSteamy cless <3

I've been rather inactive for some weeks/months now and I'd like to play some games a week again. If you're looking for a fully active guy, don't take me. If you're looking for some semi-active guy, who thinks he knows best all the time, I'm your guy.

About me

Age: 19
Languages: Dutch & English
Classes: Whatever you need
Ex teams: Morrigu, OVERLOAd, SPRD, Canada & Ephix
Avaibility: 2/3 nights a week
Extra: great music taste, major whiner, can be ingame leader/call strat, sucky microphone

About you

I prefer a team with players I know, though this is not a must. I don't care about your skill. I prefer people who don't whine at me when I don't want to play nor do I like a team that recruits me and then forgets to play so I still don't have a team.

Do you think I meet your requirements? Do you think you meet my requirements? Don't hestitate to pm me here on crossfire or on IRC (Wesbo @ #morrigu).


image: Eric_McSteamy_Dane
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good luck

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