unknow window function api 131133

with cod 2 have this problem, i see on the site of punkbuster but the pc is new, no tweaker or other stuff.Someone can help me?
English motherfucker, do you speak it?
what 'english' is?
you expect us to write you a 2 paragraph explanation to fix this? just google the violation.

edit : your recent journals are retarded rly =F
ur using vista thats why.
now go hide in the shadows before some more people flames you
no, have windows xp service pack 3 9800gt latest driver and use gmer as i see on google but doesnt work.
I think, this guy got probs with punkbuster

I got no idea how 2 use PB / CoD coz I'm ET-Player, but ...

if U got Probs with updating punkbuster from CoD, I think, U can use the pbupdater from evenbalance...

... try it, I think, will work after using this smart Updater ;)

go 2 (url) [www.evenbalance.com] and download PBsetup

Mirror - pbsetup.rar - 06/2008
(url) [www.team-aow.de]
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