Headset problem

I have the Logitech USB Headset 350. I usually don't have any problem with it. I use it with my own computer and i already used it on lan, but here on my familial computer.. It doesn't !
No driver needed for this headset, no installation, but the windows of this computer is asking for it :<
Any idea to help me ?

edit : i realize USB Headset is bullshit but i wasn't aware before buying it 6months ago..
usb headsets are very very shit
usb headsets are very very very shit
your parents computer is prolly too old to support certain usb standards....
It's a new computer.. Only 1years.. My computer had 5years.. It's quite strange if you're right...
the model of mainboard might not support it (onboard soundcard or whatever)
So... It's an unsolvable problem ? =(
i'm not saying that thats your problem, although it is what would seem most logical.
you can try updating the mainboard drivers or BIOS if you know its safe
check if the drivers of the mainboard are installed properly or try if you can find any software for the headset.

seems like a similar problem http://forums.logitech.com/logitech/board/message?board.id=headsets_general&message.id=2119
look for drivers maybe
no driver for this HeadSet..
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