who the hell plays cod4 here and is actually pretty decent? message me!
im decent, but i have cracked only :<
that just doesnt count now does it!
IT does! fucking maltese >:(
most of the TAG guys are great players too..
aww thanks sweetie
np babe your like epic skillerzo0rr
im roflzilla the microphone killer here to bring this new school illa.
im roflzilla the microphone killer here to bring this new school illa.
i play it but i am not decent w000t ,, gl finding other ppl :p
I'm really skilled but this game is a little bit boring and repetitive.
I'm realy skilled because I pown on pubserver so I rox in this game. But I didn't reach anything in this game but I talk.
You're skilled in every game my friend, needless to say it each time.
too low for him :(
not making a team, just seeing whos playing, but thanks for all the pms guys!
I do but i suck hard 8<
what,did you got owned toxic? :D
no med+ in this topic? wut
me and no
Im pretty highskilled.
easy bash
sry to skilled for u
Im the god, but cmon, check the clock, u know how clock is read in Malta, do u?
lolz the funniest guy from finland :D
Using ur own nickname as the title for having more attention, ain't cool. soz!
no more playing with a team to go from zerotohero in 3 weeks? ul :(
i am and you know i'm decent <|:D

<3 :}
I am better than 90% of COD4 players.
ET > cod4
im ze pwner in it, but I've only cracked one 8( I don't know is it that cool to pay 52e for some shitty search&destroy because it's just so shit as it can be. TDM ftw ! but then again it doesn't work in matches. conclusion -> cod4 competitive = shit. np. (ps im a bit better than rk)
u can get the cdkey for 10-15€ on ebay u just have to be make sure u dont gonna buy it from some fag that is selling the keys twice or more :o)
but how to be sure :p
Usually the sellers got like ~500 valuations and if they are all good u know why
i saw like 2-3 guys where they had comments from buyers that were saying omg my cd key is always in use 8DD so didnt buy it from them
yeah thx, will give it a try.
Maybe (miracle!) in Finland you have available Russian version of it from 1C publisher, it should cost around 10$~ and have original CDKEY.
ahhh fu"!
Why would someone who's actually good at the game want to play with someone that failed to get through the first rounds at a Maltese CoD4 LAN?
did they really?

we under-performed hehe

and we were playing for only 2 weeks :(
^---this fellow here is teh rox
me ! i got hax !
with 50 sens ?

btw hi mate ! :D
Is phobeus really your friend or he is acting again as an asslicker, "hi mate"
camp only
im decent and a friend of james and most important not polish!
getting the game
take MEH !
just started playing it again with mikza!
me and undead play alot of 2o2's cb
we are pretty decent and accused off hacking evry time we play :s :p
we are still searching for a highskilled team to play 5o5 in although 2on2 is also fun
I was hoping you would get busted!
me = ownage
fobje and future playing seriously i think...
I pwn everyone in this game ;)
Me ...
<3 Sniper:d:d:d
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