Training nade mod server by #cod-gamer

If you want strat nade go on
this server is hosted by (or .de) for

The AM4PAM V1.1 (AdmiralMOD for PAM) give you some great new features.
Now you can do Nade Tranings. If you throw a nade, you are flying automaticly with the nade. After that you are back at the old throw position.

mapRotation : "mp_crash mp_backlot mp_citystreets mp_crossfire mp_vacant mp_strike"
Slots : 16
IP :
IRC : #cod-gamer & #verygames
need it for et :<
omg great :DD

cheers mate
Naiz one
vent noob :( come msn, at school till 15:00 :( home at 15:45 :XD
nice dude! =D THX!!!11
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