cod4 gun binds+cfg site

for the english speaking people:

and for the original post in german?

scroll down the link

and configs are interesting thing too


edit: cod2 config works in cod4 -,-
5 - More then 800 configs for Call of Duty 2

i am not talking about ET/RTCW thx. cod2 configs works in any cod series,like in this case cod4 (as the topic says).i thought that it would be easy to explain that by comparing to et/rtcw,but i failed.
You are retarded don't know why tbh.
wtf is that for?
a "class-script" for cod4? not rly usefull and not working well.
the scripting is also very easy to do yourself.
thx anyways...
promod renders it useless imo, the time it takes to tap a few number keys is minimal once you're used to it
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