Looking for team !!

Hi y'all after having no internetz for 2 months i got it back!
Now i decided to pick up cod4 after alot of pub play.

Ofcourse i want to play in a team as the topic name shows you im looking for one!
Well to start with heres a list of what i can offer to the team.

- low+ skill
- Speaking : dutch & english fluently.
- Have alot of experience in teambased games (BF1942,BF2,ETQW)
- i prefer assault / smg kit.
- got vent/headset etc
- team history on my profile.

Well now theres also a list wich i would like to see from you nublets :D

- SKill doesnt realy mather since im a newb meself
- got vent /server
- speak dutch/english (dutch prefered)
- be nice and friendly no kiddies.

If you are intrested pm me on here or add me to Xfire

Xfire: dssgentwouters
You listed that you speak Dutch and English twice. ETQW and BF is on that list. Get out!

Gl, I guess.
were did you see me putting it in there twice...i want a team that speaks either dutch or english and i speak it , 2 different things?:D
Oh... Right. *Rubs eyes* I'm a tad tired, had a rough day. Gl :P.
haha np man xD Get some sleep xD cya
fuck off pushing my master post down

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