xp sp3 ?

Did some1 installed that on illegal xp?

where are the computernerds? :D
the computernerds are not here.
u can find wind xp with sp3 @ torrentz, it works. (still i got a legal one :l)
There is a tool that makes your xp legal. ;P
gime that tool :)

but i just want to know, if i intall sp3 will that block my windows?
It didn't block for me so... :D
Can't find the files anymore : |
It was keyfinder.exe and keychanger.exe or something
I need it too so u'd better search very very fast! xD
keychanger.exe + xp pro.VLK key :P
naijsz thnx :P
but.. if i download sp3 i cant use custum themes anymore?
well I could :D
well, it already downloaded(autoupdates :o) but just need to install it now ?!

but i dont trust it:)
the computer nerd's is under Killerboys table.
my sp3 install fucked up and left me with a crippled pc

sp2 will do fine thanks
ok :D ty
I got illegal XP with SP3 but my cdkey is "legal" it's used by a major company so won't get blacklisted :D
hackers :X
but my xp called "Retestrak" and the key is cracked or smth?!

so install or not install :)=
SP3 is totally unnecessary, just stick with SP2.
Installed it on a legal xp and had to format :D

xp2 is faster than sp3 install it when its stable lol
:) ok after3 sp still not stable:p
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