CRT help

about a week ago my monitor started showing red lines, the higher the refreshrate the more lines i see. anybody know how to fix this or is my monitor dying.

edit: i think that i have to buy a new one, any ideas? i had a sony trinitron 22"
how old is it?
buy a TFT monitor. solved.
for gaming crt>tft/lcd
klapp klapp c:
fill water in it and throw it from balcony =]
dave =D
you got to come irc :"(
"i quit et and crossfire"
no TFT.. CRT can be used at 125Hz and only few TFT can do that.. CRT much more reliable ;D
no TFT can do that, maximum is 76hz
i'd like to see the price of 125 hz tft/lcd monitor
buy new monitor :X
Close your blinds
If you want another CRT, search after iiyama vision master pro 514 it's the last 22 inch from iiyama.
ebay => only way to find CRT's atm :s
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