#TAG.et needs RTCW server


once again TAG is expanding, this time not with another CoD squad but with an RTCW team (hi2u rtcw2). We got plans of getting a site up and get our own dedicated server, which could also run a couple of gameservers, but atm we are still looking for somebody who could host a private RTCW server.

If you happen to be able to help us out, please contact us in #tag.et or send me a pm here on xfire

/q Abort{
/q evirdrevo
/q TLR|Lightning
gl TAG!
gl overdrive
gl homies :>
gtfo noob :)
gl overdrive, try to pm angel or MerlinatoR on irc, they have got a few private servers.
We would prefer more servers to be brought into the scene, if I am honest. :)
gl overdrive, try to pm a ngel or MerlinatoR on irc, they got a few private servers.
pay the 15 euros, you must be rolling in the cash still from the oc prem win.
pm me here (since im too lazy for irc lately) if ur still in need. would need some good link for the pk3s n somebody skilled in doin the settings though, dont wanna upload with my homeline n im just to busy to figure out whats state of the art :>
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